10 Favorites: Terracotta Pendant Lights by

Issue 20 · Greek Isles · May 19, 2014

10 Favorites: Terracotta Pendant Lights

Issue 20 · Greek Isles · May 19, 2014

We've been slightly obsessed with terracotta pendants ever since we spotted dozens of them hanging from the ceiling of Souk, a Lebanese street-food market and cafe on the coastline of Athens. K-studio, design team behind Souk, introduced the pendants to add a handmade, warm touch to the otherwise modern space. We plan to do the same.

Here are 10 of our favorite terracotta lights: 

Large Terracotta Pendant Lights from Hand and Eye Studio | Remodelista

Above: K-studio sourced Souk's white-glazed pendants from London architect Thomas Housden. The Large Terracotta Pendant Light is £290 from Housden's studio, Hand and Eye Studio. Housden offers several different styles and sizes via his online site. For more see our post Terracotta Pendants by Thomas Housden.

Terracotta Pendant Shade Lighting by Nick-Fraser I Remodelista  

Above: The Half-Glazed Geometric Terracotta Pendant is handmade by London designer Nick Fraser. The hand-dipped pendant shade is also glazed on the inside to reflect the light; £36 directly from Fraser. The Geometric Pendant is also available in a terracotta finish.

Benjamin Hubert Chimney Lamp I Remodelista  

Above: The Wide Chimney Light by Benjamin Hubert is made of hand-thrown earthenware with a glazed glossy white interior; £250 from Nest. The lamp is also available in different shapes and sizes. 

Laura Strasser Quadrature Pendant I Remodelista

Above: Designed by Laura Strasser, the Quadrature pendant takes its name and shape from the mathematical problem, the quadrature of the circle. Contact Strasser directly for pricing. 

Nud Pendant Terracotta I Remodelista

Above: The NUD Collection Exclusive Pendant in Terracotta is $96.25 from Lumens. The ceiling canopy is also made of terracotta and you can choose from 14 different cord colors.  

Scotch Club P endant in Terracotta I Remodelista  

Above: The Scotch Club ceramic collection is inspired by revolving disco balls, and is a collaboration between Barcelona ceramicist Xavier Mañosa and Instanbul design studio Mashallah. Each variation comes in three colors (white, blue, and terracotta), and has a total of 72 faces, casting interesting lighting patterns in all directions. The Scotch Club 17 Pendant (shown) is terracotta with a gold interior finish; $866 from YLighting.

Marset Pleat Box Pendant I Remodelista.  

Above: The Marset Pleat Box Mini Pendant, designed by Fabien Dumas, comes in four size, five exterior colors, and white or gold interiors. Prices for the 5-inch pendant start at $535 from All Modern. 

  Fabril Lamp by Abel Carcamo I Remodelista

Above: The Fabril Lamp, a hand-turned terracotta pendant lamp with a wooden ceiling canopy and yellow cloth cord, is made by Chilean designer Abel Cárcamo Segovia in his Primitivo Studio. Contact Segovia directly for pricing. 

Lamp Terracotta Naturel I Remodelista

Above: Lamp Terracotta Naturel is a ceramic shade with a black metal lamp holder and black cloth cord; €69 from It's a Present, an online home goods store based in the Netherlands. 

Meli Melo Terracotta Pendant Dome-shape I Remodelista  

Above: The dome-shaped Meli Melo Terracotta Pendant is handmade in Greece; £250 from the Conran Shop in the UK. A similar Meli Melo terracotta pendant is also available in a funnel-shape

Terracotta- uspension Lamp by Tomas Kral I Remodelista  

Above: The Terracotta Suspension Lamp by Tomas Kral for Spanish design collection PCM is manufactured in the Extremadura region of Spain, an area known for its traditional terracotta jugs; €165 from the PCM Shop. 

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