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10 Easy Pieces: Simple Doorknobs

October 13, 2012 8:30 PM

BY Francesca Connolly

Think how often you'll wrestle with your doorknobs in the course of a lifetime and you'll realize it doesn't make sense to scrimp on this stalwart of the home. It's worth seeking out the highest-quality, most pleasing doorknobs in your price range. Following is a round up of our favorite basics. Please pass along your recommendations.

Above: Baldwin's high-quality, well-designed hardware is the gold standard. When Francesca remodeled her Brooklyn Heights house, she used the Baldwin Images Classic Knob No. 5405.150, which works in almost any interior; $89 for a passage set (single knobs, dummy sets, and privacy sets also available) in a choice of 13 finishes at Knobs and Hardware.

Above: Janet used Baldwin's Estate Contemporary Knobset (5041) in her Seattle remodel. Available in 17 finishes and with two different rosette sizes, the knobs cost from $103 to $116 (depending on finish) for a passage set at Knobs and Hardware.

Above San Francisco architect Cary Bernstein favors door knobs from Merit Metal for their clean lines and "really good weight and feel." The Merit Solid Brass Door Knob with Rosette 22525A (above L) is $145 for a passage set in chrome. The Merit Solid Brass Door Knob 22525B (above R) is $161.18 for a passage set in chrome. The knobs are available in 22 different finishes at architectural hardware stores nationwide; contact Merit Metal at (215) 343-2500 to locate stores near you.

Above: The simple Emtek Orb Modern Door Knob is available in five finishes, including polished chrome; $94 for the passage set at Direct Door Hardware.

Above: For price-conscious remodelers, the Schlage Orbit Door Knobset is the knob of choice (Julie used it in her Mill Valley remodel); the Hardware Hut lists the complete doorknob and rosette passage set for $23.60 (list price is $36.30). It's available in five finishes, ranging from satin chrome to oil-rubbed bronze.

Above: FSB's 2302 Door Knob by UK designer Jasper Morrison is subtly stylish; $83 for a dummy doorknob with through-bolted fixing in natural aluminum finish (also available in stainless steel finish) at Knobs and Hardware.

Above: The well-priced, utilitarian Commercial-Grade Master Lock Knob Set is $49.99 for the passage set at CSN Stores.

Above: Cifial's Oval Knob Rosette (#870.850) is available in four finishes; $55.28 for a passage set at Knobs and Hardware.

Above: Rejuvenation Hardware's Hyde Classic Rosette Set with 2.25-inch knob is available in seven finishes; $109 for the interior passage set. The Plain 2-1/4 inch Brass Knobs are sold individually for $26 each.

Above: For a clean traditional look, consider the Finley Door Set with white or black porcelain knobs; $109 for the interior passage set at Rejuvenation Hardware. The White Porcelain Knob and the Black Porcelain Knobs are available without the set for $26 each.

In the Design Voyeur category, NYC-based (but Brooklyn manufactured) high-end hardware purveyor Nanz is the holy grail. Above L: Model 1008; Above R: Model 1092. Locate dealers and peruse the offerings at Nanz.

N.B.: This post is an update; the original story ran on October 13, 2010.