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The Marimekko of Japan


The Marimekko of Japan

November 5, 2013

Add these two stops to your next Japan itinerary: Miní£ Perhonen’s Tokyo shop and Kyoto gallery. The Japanese fashion label, founded by designer Akira Minagawa, has eight outposts across the country and its cultish following has made its way to the US.

The Marimekko of Japan, Miní£ Perhonen is known for bold, whimsical prints. The label’s connection to Scandinavian fashion and culture runs deep: Miní£ Perhonen translates to “I butterfly” in Finnish. When Minagawa spent time traveling in northern Europe, he found himself drawn to the fashion and culture of Finland. A coveted set of Arne Jacobsen’s classic Egg and Swan chairs upholstered in Perhonen prints can be seen in his Tokyo shop.

The clothing is available at Bird in Brooklyn, MAC in San Francisco, Zieben-Mare in Franklin, Michigan, and Mameg in Beverly Hills. Here, we highlight Miní£ Perhonen’s offerings at its Kyoto gallery, Galleria, and Tokyo shop in the upscale neighborhood of Shirokanedai.

Above: Minagawa’s says his goal at Miní£ Perhonen is “to produce clothes which do not lose their allure through the lapse of time.”

Above: Designer Akira Minagawa sketching at his desk.

Galleria, Kyoto

Above: The Galleria is a serene loft space in Kyoto where the label presents archival work in a gallery context.

Above: In addition to clothes and textiles, Miní£ Perhonen specializes in tableware.

Above: Indigo dresses in a silhouette that’s at once traditional and modern.

Above L: A column is covered in handmade black ceramic tile. Above R: Glass shelves glass display cream-colored accessories.

Shirokanedai Shop, Tokyo

Above: Miní£ Perhonen dresses are all about pattern and classic silouettes.

Above L and R: A bubble pattern crops up throughout the shop, from a print on sheer curtains to a multi-colored chandelier.

Above: Near the shop in Shirokanedai, Minagawa has opened Arkistot, an offshoot of the Miní£ Perhonen brand with a name that translates to “archive” in Finnish.

Location of Miní£ Perhonen’s shop in Shirokanedai, Tokyo:

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