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Justin Timberlake’s New Line for HomeMint


Justin Timberlake’s New Line for HomeMint

May 11, 2012

Yesterday, I found myself in a hotel room with Justin Timberlake checking out bed linens. But it’s not what you think–

Timberlake and his longtime friend Estee Stanley, an LA-based stylist and interior designer, were in New York to introduce their new curated collection of home goods for HomeMint. Stanley and Timberlake share a love of design and what they call a “neurosis for details.” When Stanley, who has designed all of Timberlake’s homes, asked the singer/actor to collaborate on a curated collection, he saw it as a chance to obsess about design details (and obsess they did, sending back pottery samples until they got just the right glaze, for instance).

The idea of having a home base must be a fairly new concept for Timberlake, who has been working and traveling since the age of 10. By the time he was 15, he was touring the globe with ‘N Sync. When I asked Timberlake how his design aesthetic evolved, he told me he couldn’t remember any specific concert from those years, but he had a vivid photographic memory of the locations, hotel rooms, and sites he saw. It was a home schooler’s dream: a five-year tour of European cities that left him with a lasting appreciation for good design.

N.B. Many of the pieces were designed in collaboration with Andrew Corrie of NYC-based Canvas; to see the collection, go to HomeMint.

700 timberlake bed linens

Above: A scene from HomeMint.

700 estee stanley justin timberlake 2

Above: Stanley and Timberlake, obsessing over the details.

700 timberlake pot rug

Above L: Antiqued Black Clay Jar with Handles; $674.99. Above R: Indian Wool Hand-Knotted Rug; $1,869.99.

700 justin timberlake floral plate

Above: Set of two Tarascon Dinner Plates, made in Portugal; $29.99.

700 timberlake rug 10

Above: The Homemint collections includes a selection of vintage rugs.

700 timberlake wood tray glasses

Above: Blonde Hickory Board; $149.99; handmade in Ohio. Moroccan Casablanca Tea Glasses; $24.99 for a set of two.

Justin Timberlakes New Line for HomeMint portrait 9

Above L: Set of three Lollipop Stackable Table Stools; $749.99.

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