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Intimately Crafted: Custom Leather Storage Goods from an LA Artisan


Intimately Crafted: Custom Leather Storage Goods from an LA Artisan

October 10, 2016

After working as a graphic designer for several years, art school graduate Sonia Scarr yearned for something “more visceral,” something to craft with her hands. Now, with her LA-based company, Scarr, she designs and creates custom leather goods, from boxes and bags to magazine racks. Per Scarr’s belief that “hand-crafting creates an intimacy between maker, product, and customer that cannot be found in mass-manufacturing,” nothing is made with a machine. Here, our favorite leather storage goods from her collections.

Scarr’s pieces are custom-made. For more information, contact [email protected].

Photography courtesy of Sonia Scarr.

sonia scarr's leather magazine rack 12

Above: Scarr’s magazine rack, made of a vegetable-tanned leather sling on a steel frame, and in collaboration with Popvlvs, is slim enough for even the smallest reading nook.

sonia scarr's geometric bag 13

Above: Scarr’s geometric Giza shoulder bag is made from one piece of leather. We imagine it hung from an office wall to store pens and pencils.

sonia scarr's leather camp stool 14

Above: Folding camp stools are ideal for small-space living. Scarr refurbished this classic version, found at a local thrift store, with a leather seat and leather-strip fasteners.

sonia scarr's circular shoulder bag 15

Above: The Banjo Bag is 11 inches across and makes a statement slung over a shoulder or hanging from a wall hook.

sonia scarr's leather holster 16

Above: The Pennant Belt Holster is an ingenious design for makers: X-shaped loops threaded onto a belt keep tools at the ready. Affixed to a wall, the triangular pouch turns into eye-catching storage.

sonia scarr's leather paper bag 17

Above: Made of calfskin and diagonally stitched with white thread, Scarr’s Cafeteria Clutch is “an update to the classic paper bag.”

sonia scarr leather boxes 18

Above: We think these custom lambskin-lined wooden boxes would be perfect for storing jewelry on a nightstand or for storing notepaper on a desk.

sonia scarr's leather linens basket 19

Above: Finally, a stylish solution for under-bed storage. Scarr’s leather utility boxes feature red stitching, and the largest size, shown here, is big enough to hold linens and towels.

A touch of leather adds texture and dimension to small spaces. For more, see our posts:

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