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How to Protect Your Home During a Remodel

trimaco jobsite protection 7

How to Protect Your Home During a Remodel

May 29, 2018

It’s typical to focus on the “after” of a remodel—the finished space, exactly outfitted to your specifications—and forget about the decidedly unglamorous parts of the construction process. Trimaco does focus on that part and offers a comprehensive collection of made-in-the-USA products designed to protect your home’s surfaces and minimize dust during a remodel. Here’s a look at their offerings:

trimaco&#8\2\17;s \100 percent recycled floorshell construction board  18
Above: Trimaco’s 100 percent recycled FloorShell construction board is ideal for protecting floors during a remodel. Its heavy-duty construction can withstand the weight of a forklift and protects floors from marks and spills.

Trimaco has been in business since 1906, supplying building protection tools for both commercial jobs and personal projects. The company is based in Morrisville, North Carolina, and makes all of its products in manufacturing plants throughout the US. To find a retailer near you, visit Trimaco’s Where to Buy page.

floorshell can be used to protect floors from paint splashes and overspray. its 19
Above: FloorShell can be used to protect floors from paint splashes and overspray. Its scored edge is specifically designed to protect baseboards.
appliance install in a kitchen with floorshell protection on floors and x  20
Above: Appliance install in a kitchen with FloorShell protection on floors and X-Paper on the soapstone countertops. X-Paper is 1½ times thicker than standard contractor’s paper.

Trimaco makes an extensive line of surface protection products designed to protect floors and countertops from dust, spills, impact, and general wear during a remodel. Trimaco surface protection is suitable for use on all kinds of floors and counters. Several products, X-Paper included, are also breathable—which means that recently finished surfaces can continue to cure while covered.

trimaco&#8\2\17;s x board is \2½ times thicker than standard builder&a 21
Above: Trimaco’s X-Board is 2½ times thicker than standard builder’s paper and protects against paint, mud, water, and other liquid spills while remaining breathable enough for floors that are still curing.
for ultimate protection, trimaco&#8\2\17;s supertuff surface protector has  22
Above: For ultimate protection, Trimaco’s SuperTuff surface protector has the added benefit of impact resistance, plus its nonslip backing eliminates the need to tape seams. SuperTuff is made from 100 percent post-consumer recycled plastic bottles and is reusable.

Trimaco’s Stay Put Canvas Dropcloths use three-layer construction for improved leak and slip-resistance. The company’s nonslip technology, called “Stay Put,” keeps the dropcloth in place, even on stairs.

trimaco&#8\2\17;s stay put canvas dropcloths have three layers: a layer of  23
Above: Trimaco’s Stay Put Canvas Dropcloths have three layers: a layer of absorbent canvas, a leak-resistant plastic layer, and a nonslip backing that makes the dropcloth 300 percent more slip-resistant than standard eight-ounce canvas.

If construction dust is a concern during your remodel (it will be if you’re doing any construction, demolition, or drywall sanding), a dust containment system is imperative to protect your furniture, rugs, and floors. For these situations, Trimaco makes easy-to-use Dust Containment Poles that turn plastic sheeting into instant dust containment barriers.

for dust containment, trimaco&#8\2\17;s ez up dust containment poles work w 24
Above: For dust containment, Trimaco’s EZ Up Dust Containment Poles work with plastic sheeting to create a dust barrier. Creating the barrier can be a one-person job: Simply clip the plastic sheeting to the pole and adjust to your ceiling height, then lock the pole in place. The poles reach a height of 12 feet, which makes them suitable for multiple ceiling heights.

In addition to surface protection, Trimaco makes other remodeling necessities, including Painter’s Tape, Seam Tape, Rags, and Protective Wear.

for painting projects, trimaco makes &#8\2\20;cling cover&#8\2\2\1; pla 25
Above: For painting projects, Trimaco makes “Cling Cover” plastic sheeting that self-adheres and clings to almost any surface. The film is treated with a formula that attracts paint overspray and can withstand multiple uses.

If you’re embarking on (or in the midst of) a remodel, be sure to check out Trimaco’s line of surface protection. The company even has a YouTube channel full of instructional videos with helpful tips about using each product.

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Frequently asked questions

Why is it important to protect my home during a remodel?

Protecting your home during a remodel is important to prevent damage, minimize dust and debris, and maintain the cleanliness and safety of your living space. It helps preserve your existing surfaces, furniture, and belongings from potential harm during construction activities.

What is Trimaco, and what products do they offer for home protection during remodeling?

Trimaco is a company that specializes in providing surface protection solutions for construction and remodeling projects. They offer a range of products, including protective films, drop cloths, shoe covers, dust containment systems, surface protection tapes, and more.

How can I protect my floors during a remodel?

Trimaco offers various products for floor protection, such as heavy-duty surface protection films, adhesive-backed mats, and durable drop cloths. These products can help shield your floors from scratches, spills, and other damage during construction or renovation work.

How can I protect my furniture and belongings during a remodel?

Trimaco provides furniture and surface protection options like furniture covers, plastic sheeting, and dust containment systems. These products can help safeguard your furniture, appliances, and other belongings from dust, debris, paint splatters, and accidental damage.

Can I use Trimaco products to protect my walls and trim?

Yes, Trimaco offers products specifically designed for wall and trim protection. These include self-adhesive protective films, masking tapes, and corner guards. They can help shield your walls, baseboards, and trim from scratches, dings, and paint splatters during construction or remodeling.

How can I control dust and contain debris during a remodel?

Trimaco offers dust containment solutions like plastic sheeting, dust barriers, and zipper door systems. These products help create a barrier to control dust and contain debris within the construction area, minimizing its spread to other parts of your home.

Are Trimaco products easy to use?

Yes, Trimaco products are designed to be user-friendly and easy to install. They often come with clear instructions or guidelines for proper application. Many of their products feature adhesive backing or pre-cut designs for convenient and hassle-free use.