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The New Craftswomen: 10 Woodworkers You Should Know


The New Craftswomen: 10 Woodworkers You Should Know

November 3, 2022

In a world where human-made, synthetic materials are on the rise, we can’t help but find our appreciation for natural elements growing by the minute. The more we see polyesters and plastics, the more we want linens and woods.

That’s why we’re especially drawn to the art of woodworking. It’s a medium that celebrates one of Earth’s most beautiful natural resources by turning it into something else. It’s not a new, trendy practice but an old, time-honored one that never seems to go out of style.

And these 10 woodworkers do it best. From furniture makers to carvers of wooden spoons, bowls, and brushes, this group of artisans is turning out impressive, sought-after pieces that add an element of the lasting and handmade to the home.

Without further ado, here are 10 women woodworkers you should know.

Bowen Liu

bowen liu is the brooklyn based maker behind bowen liu studio, and her objects  17
Above: Bowen Liu is the Brooklyn-based maker behind Bowen Liu Studio, and her objects and furniture are infused with “inspiration from cultures, modern art and design history, and personal life experiences,” including her upbringing in Beijing, studies at Beijing Forestry University, and a summer immersion in furniture design in Denmark. Shown is the Saddle Cutting/Serving Longboard, “intentionally made of one single wide solid wood instead of gluing a few narrow boards together”; $270. (That’s also her Helles Collection—and her reflection in the mirror—in the featured image at the top of this post.)

Aspen Golann

artist and furniture maker aspen golann specializes in updated versions of earl 18
Above: Artist and furniture maker Aspen Golann specializes in updated versions of early American tools and furniture forms like the Windsor chair, adding a contemporary edge or sculptural element to each creation. She also teaches her craft, offering lectures and workshops across the country. Currently, her Bench Brushes ($225 each) and her Hand Broom Making Kit (from $45) are available for purchase.

Carolanne Joannette-Racine

as the daughter of a cabinet maker, carolanne joannette racine grew up with a l 19
Above: As the daughter of a cabinet maker, Carolanne Joannette-Racine grew up with a love for wood—so it’s no surprise that her hobby of carving wooden spoons turned into her career. She uses hand tools to produce beautiful, one-of-a-kind spoons that are primed to become family heirlooms, and a coating of food-safe oil ensures they’ll last for generations. Spoons like this Curly Maple Coffee Scoop go for $52.50.

Elise McLauchlan

based in victoria, british columbia, woodworker elise mclauchlan carves bowls,  20
Above: Based in Victoria, British Columbia, woodworker Elise McLauchlan carves bowls, spice grinders, sculptures, and more using local Canadian wood. Snag one of her Wooden Eggcups or a Donut-Shaped Candlestick Holder for $35, or splurge on a $245 Oak Wall Shelf. Or you can learn to carve yourself with her Texture Carving Kit ($110), which is equally suitable for beginners and experts.

Hanna Dausch

hannah dausch was also born into a life of craftsmanship, with a woodworker gra 21
Above: Hannah Dausch was also born into a life of craftsmanship, with a woodworker grandfather, a painter grandmother, a gardener mother, and a refinisher father. The Pittsburgh-based maker began her creative journey as an historic carpenter preserving old houses, which led to crafting housewares like intricately turned table lamps and vases. Her Tall Table Lamp ($400), shown here, has a pleated shade.

Jayne Armstrong

with an instagram handle like @jane againstthegrain, we knew we were going to l 22
Above: With an Instagram handle like @jane_againstthegrain, we knew we were going to like Jayne Armstrong. The artist aims to create objects that matter, slowly and authentically, using wood local to her home in Brittany, France. Her vessels lean more sculptural than functional, acting as works of art. Contact her directly for information on international shipping.

Melanie Abrantes

oakland, ca based craftsperson melanie abrantes founded melanie abrantes design 23
Above: Oakland, CA-based craftsperson Melanie Abrantes founded Melanie Abrantes Designs in 2013. Her belief? “In order to create something beautiful, you have to get your hands dirty.” She hand-makes, on a lathe, objects from hardwood (and cork, too), like the Walnut Tall Bud Vase, shown here in the center ($110). She also spreads the joys of woodworking through Mel’s Carving Club (in which members receive a new carving project on their doorstep every month), carving workshops, and her book, Carve: A Simple Guide to Whittling.

Lucinda Goulden

from her home workshop in wiltshire, uk, lucinda goulden crafts gorgeous makeup 24
Above: From her home workshop in Wiltshire, UK, Lucinda Goulden crafts gorgeous makeup brushes by combining the traditional methods of woodturning and hand-tying natural brush fibers. Her long-lasting, environmentally friendly brushes cost around £100, while her bespoke tableware pieces are just a bit more. Luckily, international shipping is only £10.


siosi is actually the creative collaboration of two women woodworkers, audi cul 25
Above: Siosi is actually the creative collaboration of two women woodworkers, Audi Culver and Ivy Siosi, who are also partners in life. The duo has spent the past decade crafting minimalist furniture in their Bloomington, Indiana, studio, using local, sustainable hardwoods and zero- or low-VOC hand-rubbed finishes. We’re lusting after their Danish design-inspired 76-inch Market Dining table ($4,300).

Kaori Takahashi

kaori takahashi is one half of devon, uk based studio takahashi mcgil, her coll 26
Above: Kaori Takahashi is one half of Devon, UK-based studio Takahashi McGil, her collaboration with her husband Mark McGilvray. The couple blends Japanese traditions with Western techniques to create detailed wooden homewares. Some of their pieces are coated in urushi lacquering, using tree sap to waterproof and strengthen the wood. Check out their textured objects like this £85 Cherry Vase, which can be shipped internationally.

For more makers we love, see:

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