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Expert Advice: Tips for Upgrading the Guest Bed and Bath with Rejuvenation

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Expert Advice: Tips for Upgrading the Guest Bed and Bath with Rejuvenation

June 15, 2021

The days of hosting overnight guests are back. But if your spare room functions more as storage than a serene place for visitors to bed down—or if, like ours, it’s been overtaken by work-from-home life lately—it’s time to get it back into guest-ready shape. That goes for the bath, too.

Whether you’re embarking on a major update—swapping lighting, installing new plumbing fixtures, renovating the bedroom—or just making small switches to prepare the guest room for summer stays, Rejuvenation has timeless, well-designed essentials for every part of the space, from furniture, mirrors, and lamps down to bedding, hardware, and towels.

For expert insight on how to pull together an effortless guest bed and bath, we turned to Rick Johnson, Rejuvenation’s design eye, who oversees all of the brand’s showrooms and formerly handled all of their visual merchandising and styling. Here are his insider tips:

an airy guest bed is fitted with rejuvenation’s low footboard colestin b 18
Above: An airy guest bed is fitted with Rejuvenation’s Low Footboard Colestin Bed ($3,099 for the queen size) and a pair of Colestin Nightstands ($1,853 each), both in white oak. The rug is the Marin 8’x10’ Flatweave Rug ($2,499).

RM: Let’s start with lighting: What are the key elements for the bedroom? The bath?

RJ: I always recommend adding layers of light. Start with a strong source of overhead light and layer in wall lighting. In the bedroom you also want to make sure that you have table or floor lamps so that you have adequate illumination throughout your space.

two conifer articulating sconces in oil rubbed bronze (\$449 each), mounted on  19
Above: Two Conifer Articulating Sconces in oil-rubbed bronze ($449 each), mounted on either side of the bed, are a thoughtful addition for nighttime reading.
the guest bath, with twin west slope frameless rounded rectangle pivot mirrors  20
Above: The guest bath, with twin West Slope Frameless Rounded Rectangle Pivot Mirrors ($325 each) and a woven Iringa Basket (shown in black stripe, $89) for collecting used linens.

RM: What are the key ingredients for a serene but easy-to-make-up guest bed?

RJ: When styling a guest bed, I like to start with high quality sheets; add a patterned duvet cover, like the Eden Duvet; and then select a stitched linen quilt and some patterned decorative pillows to complete the look.

rejuvenation’s vintage inspired massey hardware collection, shown in oil 21
Above: Rejuvenation’s vintage-inspired Massey Hardware Collection, shown in oil-rubbed bronze, is a smart upgrade for spare-room storage.

RM: Thoughtful amenities to stock in the guest suite?

RJ: A couple of chunky wool throws always adds a cozy touch and makes guests feel welcome. And a stack of additional bath towels, washcloths, and soaps in your guest bathroom is appreciated.

left empty, a colestin 7 drawer dresser allows guests to unpack; it’s cu 22
Above: Left empty, a Colestin 7-Drawer Dresser allows guests to unpack; it’s currently on sale for $2,939.99. The light is the Stand Drum Shade Table Lamp with a white linen shade and black oak base ($429), and the mirrors are the Rounded Rectangle Yaquina Mirror (left, $499) and the Round Metal Framed Mirror (right, $349).

RM: Which type of sheets is best for the guest bed?

RJ: Linen is breathable and perfect for year-round use. Our linen bedding is made with 100 percent organic flax fibers at a fair trade factory, so it’s sustainable and responsibly sourced as well as super comfortable.

RM: What are your favorite serene but durable materials for the guest bath?

RJ: Our solid brass shower sets (including hand shower options) will elevate any guest bathroom and give it a more spa-like feel. We have both thermostatic and pressure balanced varieties.

[N.B.: Pressure balance showers regulate the ratio of hot water to cold water and thermostatic showers promise a consistent temperature; both prevent dreaded scalding or freezing mid-shower.]

a rug adds softness to the bath; this is the adair hand knotted rug in blue (\$ 23
Above: A rug adds softness to the bath; this is the Adair Hand-Knotted Rug in blue ($314 for the 3 x 5′ option).

RM: Cohesive hardware and plumbing fixtures or mix and match?

RJ: Both are great ways to go! It depends on your style. All our hardware and lighting collections come in matching finishes, which gives your space a consolidated look, while mixing finishes is an opportunity to add personality. When mixing finishes, we usually recommend keeping all your hardware and plumbing one finish and all your lighting the other finish.

RM: Your pick for crowd-pleasing guest towels?

RJ: Our 780-gram Aerocotton towels are made from 100 percent organic GOTS-certified Turkish cotton and are crafted using a spinning process that allows the air to pass through the fibers. They are super absorbent and have a super soft feel.

the sink is fitted with the west slope cross handle bathroom faucet (\$999) fro 24
Above: The sink is fitted with the West Slope Cross Handle Bathroom Faucet ($999) from Rejuvenation.

RM: Lastly: What’s the one styling trick you always use?

RJ: I love to create a little vignette on the nightstand in my guest suite with our Frankfort Table lamps—I love its distinctive sculptural form and ridged hardwood base and then I add one of our Whitney vases with some flowers for the finishing touch.

N.B.: A bud vase of flowers or greenery on the vanity or bedside table is a simple, thoughtful touch, too.

For much more for the guest bed and bath, head to Rejuvenation, and consult with their Design Crew for design advice on any project.

Finally, don’t forget to enter the $1500 giveaway from Rejuvenation, which is open to entries through Sunday night, June 20, 2021.

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Frequently asked questions

What is the article about?

The article is about expert advice on how to create a comfortable guest bedroom and bathroom, with a focus on products from Rejuvenation.

Who is the article aimed at?

The article is aimed at homeowners, hosts, and anyone else who wants to create a comfortable and welcoming guest bedroom and bathroom.

What is Rejuvenation?

Rejuvenation is a home decor and lighting company that specializes in classic American design and craftsmanship.

What are some tips for creating a comfortable guest bedroom?

Some tips for creating a comfortable guest bedroom include investing in quality bedding, providing plenty of storage and seating, and incorporating personal touches like artwork and books.

What are some tips for creating a welcoming guest bathroom?

Some tips for creating a welcoming guest bathroom include providing plenty of towels and toiletries, incorporating storage solutions, and adding decorative touches like plants and artwork.

What are some Rejuvenation products recommended in the article?

Some Rejuvenation products recommended in the article include the Hawthorne Glass Double Sconce, the Vintage Washed Belgian Linen Duvet Cover and Shams, and the Mission Oak Hand Mirror.

Where can I find more expert advice on home decor?

You can find more expert advice on home decor on Remodelista, as well as on other home decor and lifestyle websites.

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