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Designer Visit: Q & A with Diane Keaton


Designer Visit: Q & A with Diane Keaton

December 14, 2011

While Diane Keaton may forever be linked to her role as Annie Hall, we are equally enamored of her design sensibility. Keaton has been branching out from movies for a while now (she's known for her photography and for her writing), and she recently designed a small housewares line called K by Keaton, inspired by "great old barns standing by the side of the road" for Bed Bath & Beyond. We recently had the opportunity to quiz Keaton on her favorite LA design haunts, her own bedding preferences, and her secrets for falling asleep.

k by keaton cow blanket 2

Above: K by Keaton bedlinens for Bed Bath & Beyond.

Remodelista: Favorite reading light?
Diane Keaton: I'm in favor of vintage industrial lighting. Old flood lamps have a ton of character and give off a lot of light. I have a great 1940s search-and-rescue lamp in my bedroom.

RM: Favorite paint shade for the bedroom?
DK: Winter white or dark and dramatic. I think the wall color should set the stage for everything interesting in front of it. I don’t think the wall should be the center of attention.

navajo blanket diane keaton

Above: A blanket from Navajo Pictorial Weaving 1880-1950.

RM: Essential bedside reading?
DK : A ladder is a great way to display art books. I am an art and architecture type of person; some current favorites are Shaker Life Work and Art, Navajo Pictorial Weaving 1880-1950, and Detroit 138 Square Miles (it’s an archive like no other). Oh, and Six Bridges—just to look at the beauty of bridges and how astonishing they are.

RM: Where do you go for design inspiration?
DK: You know, I love deserted areas with history. Like downtown LA. It’s just amazing down there with the 6th Street Bridge, the factories, and the Biscuit building; all those things combine to be visually really exciting. It’s really happening.

galerie half diane keaton

Above: An interior tableau at Galerie Half in Los Angeles.

RM: Favorite LA design haunt?
DK: Big Daddy's Antiques. Juxtaposition. Galerie Half. And my favorite antiques picker, Dorrie Hall of the Monterey Garage at the Pasadena Antique Center.

RM: Bare wood floor or rugs?
DK: It’s all about wood. But what kind of wood is the question. Reclaimed barn wood has amazing patina and character. Not just any old barn wood—white-washed barn wood.

amarigi resort diane keaton

Above: Amangiri in southern Utah.

RM: Dream destination?
DK: The dream I’ve never been able to realize is a hotel called Amangiri in Utah. I’ve never been there, but that’s my dream. It’s surrounded by unbelievable natural beauty. I’ll be going there. The setting looks out of this world.

RM: Duvet or wool blanket?
DK: I collect vintage wool and Navajo blankets. I admire the work that went into them and the bold symbols and graphics. Who said blankets have to be plain?

RM: Favorite nighttime tea?
DK: Nighttime tea? Red wine on ice. One glass.

RM: Secrets for falling asleep?
DK: A well-designed bedroom. Looking out a bank of windows; big casement windows looking out onto light and life. That’s very peaceful. Lots of books. A busy day. I keep it very busy.

Photos curated by Diane Keaton.

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