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Bohemian Glamor with a Santa Monica Stylemaker


Bohemian Glamor with a Santa Monica Stylemaker

September 12, 2012

A visit to the Santa Monica home of actress and holistic maven Shiva Rose, courtesy of LA-based fashion designer Jenni Kayne.

Kayne met Rose a few years ago (through their mutual friend singer songwriter Nicole Simone), and the two became fast friends. Earlier this summer, Kayne took her camera and dropped in on Rose's modern farmhouse, where she lives with her two daughters, Colette and Charlotte, a cat, rabbits, and chickens. To see more, go to Kayne's own blog, Rip + Tan (named after her two children, boy Tanner and girl Ripley), where she chronicles the lives of some of our favorite under-the-radar LA glamor girls.

For more from Rose, see Rip + Tan and visit her blog The Local Rose. For a peak into Rose's garden, see Shiva Rose's Rustic LA Garden.

Photographs courtesy of Rip + Tan.

700 shiva rose kitchen silver pendants

Jenni Kayne: What's your design philosophy for your home?
Shiva Rose: I went from one extreme to the other. I had a Spanish adobe style home, and it had a lot of antiques and was a bit dark. I went the complete opposite with this house. I have a clean space now and I only want to fill it with things that I love. I try to follow the Japanese philosophy—it has to be either useful or completely beautiful for it to be in your house. I’m trying to keep the simple theme, but it’s hard sometimes. I also believe in lots of light and trees.

700 shiva rose antique table

Above: An antique side table and heirloom collectibles sourced from local flea markets.

700 shiva rose rocking chair

JK: Who are your favorite artists?
SR: Photographer Tierny Gearon is one of my favorites; also Alex Prager. And Lucian Freud, Francis Bacon, and Louise Bourgeois.

700 shiva rose living room pillows

Above: Rose's living room features a mix of fabrics—a striped ottoman and ethnic patchwork pillows.

700 shiva rose kids room two

Above: Vintage toys in Rose's youngest daughter Charlotte's room (discover more of Rose's favorite kids' stores and finds on Rip + Tan).

700 shiva rose vanity

JK: What are your favorite home stores?
SR: I love Heath and ABC Carpet and Home in New York. Jenni Kayne has good things for the house, as well as Lost and Found. I do a lot of flea markets. Amadi Carpets on Robertson is great, too—he has good Moroccan rugs.

700 desk chairs shiva rose

Above: A writing desk in Rose's older daughter's bedroom.

700 shiva rose house table with ceramics

JK: What are your favorite pieces in your house?
SR: I love my Rebecca Lee table. She's a Northern California sprite with a mighty hand. And there's my nature altar where I'll put things that my daughter finds, and I treasure all of my pottery. I've been obsessing over these laundry baskets.

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