Thomas Smith’s Fireside Trugs

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Product: Thomas Smith’s Fireside Trugs
Designer: Thomas Smith

A large traditional Royal Sussex trug, perfect for holding fireside logs or for use in the garden. Crafted from locally coppiced Sweet Chesnut for the handle and rim, and Cricket bat Willow for the boards that form the body, the fireside trug is beautiful to behold and very functional. 

Sweet Chestnut, Willow wood

Dimensions: approximately 665mm x 360mm x 165mm

Thomas Smith invented the famous Sussex Trug in the 1820s, creating a symbol of the English gardening scene which is currently celebrated worldwide. Today Robin Tuppen and his family continue the legacy of Thomas Smith, hand crafting the original sussex trug using traditional methods to produce these highly functional and iconic gardening baskets. Thomas Smith’s Trugs have developed two different ranges which come in an assortment of sizes and wood for commission. Entirely multi-functional – uses vary from gardening baskets to log containers, to carrying a diminutive dog or two!