Scandinavian Country

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Product: Scandinavian Country
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Scandinavian Country [Hardcover]

Celebrating the variety and versatility of Scandinavian rural style, this inspirational book showcases an array of beautiful homes in Denmark, Finland, Norway, and Sweden, reflecting the special relationship that Scandinavians have with nature. Magnus Englund and Chrystina Schmidt explore the development of rural holiday homes in the region. They explain that architects and interior designers have the freedom to try new materials and styles in rural Scandinavia while often seeking to reconnect with traditional elements, from Finnish saunas and Danish Thatched roofs to Swedish fishermen’s cottages and Norwigian hiking retreats. The featured houses will inspire you to explore Scandianavian country furniture, textiles, and other materials. *Scandinavian Country is full of innovative ideas for interior design that can easily be adapted to other lives and other cultures. *Each rural retreat is beautifully photographed by Paul Ryan.