Opal Flat Glass Reflector Shade

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Product: Opal Flat Glass Reflector Shade
Retailer: Rejuvenation

11in. Opal Flat Glass Reflector Shade

This functional, crisp shade pairs well with many of our fixtures and works great to showcase a handsome carbon filament bulb. Its opal glass casts light evenly and creates a warm glow.

Back when bulbs were dim, these large, reflective shades got light where it was needed: over the work. This particular shade first caught our eye in an 1893 GE catalogue. People said it couldn't be reproduced affordably, since glass-making materials and processes have changed, but a U.S. glass manufacturer with three generations of expertise put a new spin on an old technique and voila, it's here again.

Reflector shade diameter is approximately 11-12″. Please note that because each shade is hand-crafted, diameters vary slightly.