Large Draining Rack – Tsé-Tsé

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Product: Large Draining Rack – Tsé-Tsé
Retailer: Made in Design
Color: Steel
brand: Tsé-Tsé
Designer: Tsé-Tsé

The egouttoir takes is origin in india… Over there, everyone knows it and lives in his company. Hung to the wall above the sink, it welcomes the crockery that is very often in inox also. These units were adapted to the western world: besides the compartment with roast for the plates, it includes a rack to welcome the glasses on foot and a basket hangs itself on his flank for that one there arranges the cover. On the other hand, it is, even here, sold flat… It is necessary climb it oneself even, but the headache is only apparent. If one follows the instructions while respecting well the order of the operations, all is well. The Big Egouttoir measures 79 height cm, 76 width cm, 25 depth cm. It is sprinkled holes for the flow of water.

This furniture is hande made: its structure can be slightly warped and its appearance is ‘’raw’’. Small scratches and bumps in the steel are part of the industrial aspect and manual process.

  • Colour : Steel
  • Material : Stainless steel
  • Dimensions : H 79 x L 76 x P 25 cm
  • Characteristics : Hand made