Hand Hammered Copper “S” Pot Rack Hooks

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Product: Hand Hammered Copper “S” Pot Rack Hooks
Retailer: Ruddle Cottage
  • Recycled Copper Wire.
  • Artisan made beautiful copper S hooks.
  • 100% post consumer.
  • Cal-Recycle/CIWMB certified.
  • Set of 10
  • Handmade item
  • Materials: love, pure solid copper wire

Hand cut and hammered,textured into an S shapes, ready to hang your pots and pans or curtain rod. This size of hook can hold at least a 3.50 lb cast iron pot. Measuring Approx. 3″ in length x 1.1/4″ wide. Will fit 1/2 to 1.1/4″ Curtain Rod/Pipe.

Not sealed, so will patina with age. No Refunds.