FD Style Bottle Openers

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Product: FD Style Bottle Openers
brand: FD Style
Designer: Hagino Mitsonobu
Retailer: Lekker Home

The FD Style Fine Strips Peeler, designed by architect Hagino Mitsonobu for the FD Style collection, is the perfect intersection of function and form.  The collection includes 10 basic kitchen tools that have been pared down to their essential elements. Mitsonobu not only strives to improve the quality of user experience, but also the sustainability of production. Coated in fluorocarbon polymer, these ergonomic stainless steel kitchen tools are rustproof, matte black and easy to clean.

  • Measures: 5.9″ W x 0.8″ D x 0.5″ H
  • Made in Japan.