Cosine Dress Luck Cosine Dress Rack

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Product: Cosine Dress Luck Cosine Dress Rack
  • product name : Dress Dr-270M luck
  • material : Maple wood and oiled finish leather
  • Width 75 x 42 depth x height 149 cm

Compact fold

  • Folded 7 cm thick.
  • Chest of drawers in, such as the gap to be placed.

Light and easy to carry

  • 5.3 kg and you can go have a lightweight, anywhere in the House.

Versatile and convenient

  • Or, choose a dress or coat, wear tomorrow,
  • Duvets, how many are very useful!

Assembly type

  • What is divided into parts, so better broken can replace parts easily!

Make a craft is cool.

  • A simple but not cheesy.
  • Hanger SAMA to be put into any space.
  • One of the few coat hanger in Japanese is.