Cabin Series II Bath Towels

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Product: Cabin Series II Bath Towels
Retailer: Vava Veve

Special Order – Cabin Series II – 36 x 60 Bath Towels – Block Damask design in Natural and Periwinkle

These 36″ x 60″ Bath Towels are a simple interpretation of those old-world Damask designed tablecloths. The 5 harness Damask structure allows pattern to be woven and seen even though woven in a single color. They are 100 percent imported linen, personally handwoven on a floor loom. Each towel represents skilled craftsmanship in weaving and an attractive piece of art for your spa or bath, providing quiet elegance through a wonderfully functional decoration! When you receive your purchase, it will have been Cold Mangled, giving each towel that Old-World sheen for which linen is known!