Bodum – Bistro Electric Kettle

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Product: Bodum – Bistro Electric Kettle
Color: Black, Cream, Green, Red
brand: Bodum
Retailer: Connox

Try transparency: The Bodum Bistro electric water kettle 1.1l suits perfectly in modern lives. It brings style into the grey world of water kettles, and all of this friendly to the environment and quiet.

What makes the electric Bistro water kettle special is transparent on the first sight: its transparent, double-walled glass. That is how you can see how full it is all the time and look at how the water begins boiling. The boiling process can be interrupted without any problems my means of the integrated on / off switch. Moreover, the kettle out of the popular Bistro series by Bodum is environment-friendly: The double-walled glass keeps water hot inside, while there is no burning-danger from outside.

Bodum used heat- and acids-resistant borosilicate glass for the inside, a material which is also used in laboratories, for the transparent part of the kettle. Bodum used plastic for the outside, making the device shock-resistant and unbreakable. Style, comfort and function – everything unified in the electric Bistro kettle 1.1l, in one device.

  • voltage: 230V/50Hz, effective power: max. 1500 Watt
  • H: 24.4 cm, D: 23 cm, L: 14.5 cm
  • weight: 1.5 kg
  • material: plastic, glass
  • cable length: 70 cm