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Issue 59 · L'Amour · February 13, 2013

World's Most Beautiful Flower Shop?

Issue 59 · L'Amour · February 13, 2013

Located on Værndamsvej, a street that dissects Copenhagen from Frederiksberg, Martin Reinicke's Blomsterskuret (meaning "flower shed" in Danish) is overflowing with starter plants, topiaries, and fresh cut flowers.

Reinicke, a floral designer and potter, began Blomsterskuret shortly after establishing his workshop-in-shop, Krukkeriet, where he sells his earthenware planters. The flower shop is built out of a small shed, painted black, and illuminated with rustic gooseneck lighting outside. Both Krukkeriet and Blomsterskuret are located on the same street in the popular Vesterbro district. For more information, visit Blomsterskuret.

Blomsterkuret in Copenhagen Exterior, Gardenista

Above: Reinicke arranges potted plants in the shop window.

Blomsterkuret in Copenhagen Lavender Flowers, Gardenista

Above: A group of pale lavender stands out against the shop's black exterior. A draw of allium blossoms reveals the mix of black and chalkboard paint.

Blomsterkuret in Copenhagen Exterior, Gardenista

Above: Located at Værndedamsvej 3 A, 1819 in Frederiksberg.

Blomsterkuret in Copenhagen Sign and Chalk, Gardenista

Above: A rustic flower shop essential: chalkboard signs display daily offerings.

Blomsterkuret in Copenhagen Dried Pods, Gardenista

Above: One of Reinicke's planters holds bunches of dried eucalyptus pods.

Blomsterkuret in Copenhagen Flowers Outside, Gardenista

Blomsterkuret in Copenhagen Flowers in Vase, Gardenista

Blomsterkuret in Copenhagen Wreath and Sign, Gardenista

Blomsterkuret in Copenhagen Driftwood, Gardenista

Above: Reinicke creates driftwood wreaths sold in the shop. Similarly, Kinfolk magazine editor Nathan Kinfolk designs wreaths in Framed and Foraged: DIY Wall Hangings.

Blomsterkuret in Copenhagen Windows, Gardenista

Above: Interior shop windows are painted in a pastel blue.

Blomsterkuret in Copenhagen Florist Taper Candle Arrangement, Gardenista

Above: A Scandinavian-style wreath, with trails of sphagnum moss, holds four green tapers —a custom, seasonal arrangement.

Blomsterkuret in Copenhagen Outside Flowers, Gardenista

Wondering how to recreate the world's most beautiful—and simple—floral arrangement in a vase? See Tulip Magnolia Branches: Just Add Water.

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