ISSUE 6  |  The French Connection

Wine Bottle Chandelier by Chris Weylandt

February 09, 2012 7:30 PM

BY Amara Holstein

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A wine bottle chandelier literally lights up the tasting rooms at Maison Estate, a South African winery created by designer Chris Weylandt.

When Weylandt designed the tasting rooms at his Maison Estate winery, located in the Valley of the Huguenots (an hour outside Cape Town), he decided to have a bit of fun with the lighting. Weylandt owns the South African furniture and homewares store Weylandts, and he gave the tasting room a minimalist interior, dominated by massive dining tables sourced from his shop. But just above the tables, suspended from black cords, are clear, green, and brown unmarked wine bottles: chandeliers that Weylandt custom made to add a burst of color and whimsy to the otherwise spare, all-white spaces.

Above: The wine-bottle chandeliers hang above the heavy organic form of the Raw Nero stainless steel and wood dining table; the transparent Igloo chairs disappear into their surroundings.

Above: Rough-hewn shelves hold bottles of wine from Maison Estate.

Above: A solid stainless steel table dominates another part of the tasting room; The Kitchen, a restaurant devoted to fresh fusion cuisine, can be seen in the background.