ISSUE 25  |  The Life Aquatic

Trending on Gardenista: Water, Water (But Not Everywhere)

June 27, 2014 1:00 PM

BY Remodelista Team

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We’ve been exploring the Life Aquatic all week, and Gardenista has, too: oyster-shell driveways, backyard water features, and DIY seaweed prints. We’re on board.

Above: This beach cabana is one of 10 rental cottage designed by Kust Architects and planted on the North Sea, 34 miles southwest of Amsterdam. While we all plot a way to get there, Dalilah sleuthed the elements to Steal This Look.

Above: The perfect botanicals for a summer house? Justine’s DIY: Pressed Seaweed Prints are our kind of project. Step 1: Head to the beach. 

Above: “You don’t have to live in a lighthouse or regularly battle stormy weather on dark nights to appreciate wharf-inspired outdoor fixtures,” says Sarah. Her 10 Easy Pieces: Black Wharf Lights includes this matte design from John Lewis.

Above: Hardscaping 101 is devoted to Seashell Paths and Driveways, a natural ground cover that crunches underfoot (and provides an excuse to eat a lot of oysters and clams). Photograph via Kathryn Aalto Landscapes.

Above: Your yard could look like this—Dublin plantswoman Helen Dillon’s canal and pond, which she introduced in place of lawn. It’s one of 10 Gardens with Reflecting Pools gathered from the Gardenista Photo Gallery.

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