Trending on Gardenista: Fragrant Gardens and Floral Fabrics by

Issue 31 · Patterns and Prints · August 8, 2014

Trending on Gardenista: Fragrant Gardens and Floral Fabrics

Issue 31 · Patterns and Prints · August 8, 2014

All is in bloom this week on Gardenista. Come see a sampling of the week's highlights.

Hardscaping: Ribbon Driveways | Gardenista

Above: A nice way to give your driveway a bold stripe? Jeanne presents Ribbon Driveways in this week's Hardscaping 101.

Nice-Scented Rose | Gardenista

Above: "Trapping scent is as easy as trapping heat," writes Kendra. "Grow these flowers in a small garden or enclosed area where you like to sit out after dark. Then let your sense of smell take over." The rambler Rosa Adelaide d'Orleans, shown here, is one of Five Night-Scented Bloomers singled out in Trend Alert.  

Marie Viljoen's mother's garden in South Africa | Gardenista

Above: Every year, Marie Viljoen returns home to Cape Town, South Africa, where she grew up. In this week's Garden Visit, she offers a big picture and close-up look at her mother's garden (watch for chameleons) and shares lessons learned. 

Steal This Look dining deck | Gardenista

Above: Landscape designers Earth Inc. combed through salvage yards to create this invitingly laid-back dining patio. Learn where to source the elements, masonry breeze blocks included, in Steal This Look.

Nasturtiums at Isabella Stewart Gardener Museum | Gardenista

Above: The prettiest edible plant is the subject of this week's Field Guide.

The Petaler in SF | Gardenista

Above: Bay Area residents take note: There's an old truck in town kitted out to deliver flowers. Read about The Petaler.

Liberty of London | Gardenista

Above: A visit to Liberty of London, anyone? In Shopper's Diary, Kendra leads us on a tour of the store's eternally enticing floral fabrics.

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