The World Is His Oyster: A Modern Fishing Shack by the Sea by

Issue 105 · Editors' Picks: 2013 · January 1, 2014

The World Is His Oyster: A Modern Fishing Shack by the Sea

Issue 105 · Editors' Picks: 2013 · January 1, 2014

Leave it to the French to devise the world's most elegant oyster shack (complete with office and dining areas), located on a waterfront site in the south of Brittany.

Raum Architects, a studio founded in 2007 by Benjamin and Julien Boré Perraud (graduates of the School of Architecture in Nantes), designed the structure as a temporary dwelling and work space for an oyster farmer. The building is composed of two areas: an office/lounge space with a kitchen and dining area and a loft-like hangar for oyster processing; the two wings are connected by an outdoor dining patio area.

Photography by Audrey Cerdan via Design Boom.

Above: A reading niche overlooks the coastal landscape.

Above: Sliding glass doors open onto the dining patio; a ladder leads to the rooftop patio.

Above: Two modular kitchen islands house a sink and a cooktop.

Above: A single wood space heater heats the entire interior.

Above: Translucent panels cover the house's wood frame, allowing light to flood the work space.

Above: A polished concrete floor can be easily hosed down.

Above: A rooftop deck offers another space for plein-air dining.

Above: A living roof provides insulation.

Above: The exterior is clad in black stained wood siding.

Above: A detail of the translucent panels that allow light to filter into the workshop.

Above: An exterior elevation.

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N.B.: This post is an update; the original ran on January 26, 2013 as part of our In the Library issue.

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