ISSUE 34  |  Best of Summer

The Ultimate Indoor/Outdoor House?

April 13, 2013 11:00 AM

BY Christine Chang Hanway

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What do you do when you love your house and where you live but your needs have changed? Most people would renovate to accommodate, but in the case of this family in Charleston, South Carolina, they went a step further and started over completely.

The owners began with a classic bungalow in the Old Village but longed for a more open (read: indoor/outdoor) environment for their young family. After exploring renovation options with architect Heather A. Wilson, they decided to start over and create the lofty, light-filled spaces they really wanted. A dramatic decision, perhaps; but clearly not an impulsive one.

Interiors by Jen Langston. Photography courtesy of Heather A. Wilson.

Above: The new house retains a similar scale and feel to the original bungalow.

Above: Ceiling fans, an outdoor fireplace, and a hanging daybed all play a part in creating a summery vibe in the house’s outdoor areas (stay tuned for the the pool and cabana in tomorrow’s Steal This Look).

Above: A large living room with two seating areas face the pool area.

Above: A wide opening into the kitchen allows the kitchen area to be separate and part of the living area the same time.

Above: Wood siding creates an intimate scale in the tall ceilinged kitchen.

Above: Large sliding barn doors in the living space create flexible open living.

Above: A small room with wine storage acts as a buffer between the living spaces and private spaces.

Above: A small enclosed porch sits off the bungalow’s open front porch.

Above: Visions of hanging out on the front porch loom large.