ISSUE 22  |  Australia and Beyond

The Indoor/Outdoor Life in Sydney

May 31, 2012 8:30 AM

BY Sarah Lonsdale

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Sydney-based architect Christopher Polly turned a compact semi-detached 1890 dwelling on a compromised lot into a spacious indoor/outdoor living pavilion for a young family.

Had the budget been larger, a second story would have made sense, but it was not to be. Polly's solution? Use the existing house for sleeping quarters, and add a modern extension housing the kitchen and dining areas. The new structure opens wide to the outdoors, via sliding pocket doors, allowing the family to live an indoor/outdoor existence. To see more, visit Christopher Polly.

Above: The polished concrete floors are finished with a black oxide and sealed with a matt acrylic. The Sonora suspension lamps are from Oluce.

Above: The galley kitchen is recessed into a working wall; the worktop and drawer fronts are covered with Laminex laminate with a mirrored backsplash. The clerestory windows let in the morning light, and the louvered shades allow the sunlight to be regulated. The walls are made from shiplap pine painted white.

Above: A simple dining table is flanked by Eames chairs.

Above: A narrow corridor with four steps down marks the transition from the original house to the new living dining area.

Above: A second bath is accommodated off the deck (in a concession to color in the otherwise monochromatic interior, the space is painted gold).

Above: Sliding doors are concealed in a wall pocket when fully opened.

Above: A window was added to the study room to bring in light.

Above: A study doubles as guest bedroom in the original building.

Above: The cantilevered extension is supported on concrete slabs and opens onto the garden.