Style Counsel: Matt Dick's East/West Style by

Issue 7 · Winter in the Desert · February 17, 2012

Style Counsel: Matt Dick's East/West Style

Issue 7 · Winter in the Desert · February 17, 2012

You couldn't invent designer Matt Dick; his approach to style is so personal, so particular, so unexpected. Although he was born and raised in the Bay Area, Matt is clearly a citizen of the world.

Last week I dropped in on the SF-based sage of global style for a Q & A. The takeaway? It's all about layers—tunics over jeans, scents on top of scents, strands of necklaces and stacks of leather bracelets.

Photography by Mimi Giboin for Remodelista.

Above: Matt in the doorway of Small Trade Company, his studio and workshop on the edge of SF's Tenderloin.

RM: When did the tunic become your everyday uniform?
MD: I first started wearing a kurta (Turkish for tunic) about 10 years ago when I began doing yoga. I bought my first at Dosa, as I loved the Khadi cotton, but it went threadbare pretty quickly so I started making my own.

RM: The necklaces?
MD: I've acquired a collection over time, and each one has a story. This one includes feathers from Accident and Artifact on Valencia, bells from Kapital in Tokyo (one of my favorite stores), and a wooden charm I whittled myself during a weekend in Inverness

RM: On your wrists?
MD: The cuffs are by Henry Beguelin (for the record, it's stamped leather). The rest are mostly pieces by Stacey Lorinczi, which we collaborated on when I oversaw the shop at Bardessono.

RM: Jeans of choice?
MD: Kota, who works here in the studio with me, makes a lot of my jeans. He has a vintage Levi's machine that is solely for creating the double-locked chain stitch (it was originally used for the inseam of the 501 jeans). If I do buy jeans, it's either Levis or Acne.

RM: Where do you find your simple white shirts?
MD: They're all Comme des Garcons, one from each trip to Japan. There are a few Yohji mixed in, too.

RM: What's on your feet?
MD: These boots are by Belgian line Elsa, although my everyday ones are Fiorentini and Baker.

RM: Key chain?
MD: I make my own with leather and indigo tassels.

Martin Margiela Wallets

RM: The wallets?
MD: Ben Philips at Levi's saw one of the wallets that I had made for myself and commissioned these. I used to have two Martin Margiela Wallets that I bought in LA, but I lost them both; luxury goods seem to run away from me. We added the indigo tassels instead of a label, as they seem to have become our logo.

Oribe Signature Shampoo and Conditioner

RM: Hair care?
MD: I'm an Oribe devotee. I use Oribe Signature Shampoo and Conditioner, which my hair cutter Marcy Harman (she's based in LA but comes periodically to Harper Paige in SF) introduced me to.

Escentric Molecules 01 Eau de Toilette

RM: What's your everyday scent?
MD: I wear In Fiore's solid perfumes, either Oud Amberi Attar or Vetiver Sambac. Then I might layer on Escentric Molecules 01, which starts neutral then develops a scent with the skin.

RM:: Reading material?
MD: I'm a magazine junkie. I read Apartamento, Casa Brutus, Man About Town, Fantastic Man, Monocle, Numero and Numero Home, and Acne Paper. I even get a Sunday-only subscription to the New York Times just for T Magazine.

N.B.: As part of our Remodelista Exclusives week, this post is a rerun and originally ran on February 17, 2012.

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