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No Ordinary Kitchen Shop: Stock Culinary Goods in Providence, RI

May 09, 2013 3:30 PM

BY Meredith Swinehart

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In a world where shop proprietors know that customers can always just buy goods online, Jan Faust Dane has created a store so compelling it has to be seen in person.

Located on the east end of Hope Street in Providence, Rhode Island, Stock Culinary Goods, offers a a collection of cooking tools and gifts not found at big retailers—a draw for her culinary-obsessed customers. Equally appealing are her classes with local experts on topics like “Olive Oil 101” and oyster shucking, with cooking socials and food-themed movie nights planned for the future. The onetime food forager for Ocean House in Westerly (where she led cooking classes), Dane is also the author of Eat.Shop.New England. For more, visit Stock Culinary Goods.

Above: Stainless steel knives hand-forged in Massachusetts and fitted with colorful handles made from recycled bowling balls.

Above: Solid walnut rolling pins, hand-turned in Vermont.

Above: Copper pans made locally near Providence.

Above: Pieboxes are Chicago-made pine boxes for transporting baked goods. Behind them, a tea towel from Studiopatro

Above: Faust Dane rewarded the first customer to bring in a photogenic pie with a piebox. The winner was the maker of this lemon curd and buttermilk pie with a Meyer lemon glaze.

Above: Tea time at Stock Culinary Goods: Bellocq Tea and Watch Hill Farms honey from Rhode Island, served on a wood tray made in Seattle. 

Above: A modern terra cotta steamer with basket wrapped in bamboo.

Above: An oyster platter from the “oyster lovers” section of the store. Faust Dane points out, “This is Rhode Island, you better know how to shuck.”

Above: Colorful vintage cookbooks. 

Above: The store also stocks the basics, too: Silpats, brioche molds, muffin pans, and more for French baking.

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