Steal This Look: A Tribute to District 12 by

Issue 60 · Film Fest · February 19, 2013

Steal This Look: A Tribute to District 12

Issue 60 · Film Fest · February 19, 2013

There is no question that District 12 is bleak. Yet, in contrast to the "Gaga-ghoulish" ostentation of The Hunger Games Capitol, there is something in Katniss Everdeen's impoverished home town that we relate to so much more. Perhaps it is the more human scale, or the rustic simplicity of the wood-paneled shacks. Or perhaps it is because, in this humble mining town, we recognize the well-worn, utilitarian icons of America's industrial past.

Peeta in District 12, Hunger Games, Remodelista

Above: To recreate District 12, the poor coal-mining district located in the region formerly known as Appalachia, production designer Phil Messina selected an abandoned textile mill village in Henry River, NC, which set decorator Larry Dias populated with industrial-style antiques sourced from local dealers.

District 12 style Knives and palette, Remodelista

Above L: Though tarnished, this vintage silverware still possesses a certain individual elegance. Photo by Elizabeth Maxson. Above R: Featured heavily in District 12, faded florals, ashen grays, and stone-washed blues, like those captured in this photo by Anders Hald, conjure images of America's industrial past.

Factory 20 Post Office Clock, Remodelista

Above: From Factory 20, a vintage post office wall clock, together with utilitarian sacks stained by wear, evoke the industrial aura of District 12; $935.

District 12 style chair and bowls, Remodelista

Above: Pretty in Patina: the nicks and chips of classic American pieces like this spindle chair from 86 Home and pewter bowls (via Floorabella) only enhance their character.

Henry River Mill Shack by Tony Kelly, Remodelista

Above: Salvaged fireplaces, like the one pictured in one of the actual cabins from Henry River Village, are much sought after today. Other salvaged fireplaces available at Salvage One. Photo by Tony Kelly.

Factory 20 industrial vignette, Remodelista

Above: Hold the sandpaper! The rust and worn wood of these industrial objects from Factory 20 add warmth, personality, and a sense of history.

Private 0204 rugs, Remodelista

Above: No company celebrates the dignity of distessed materials like Private 0204. Taking vintage hemp rugs, complete with tears and tatters, the company adds extra patina to its carpets by soaking them in salt water for the ultimate stone-washed look.

ticking pillow, Remodelista

Above: Although it's been "cutisfied," tough and durable vintage ticking, like this Pillow from Tribute 212, was a long-time standard in American bedding; $32.

industrial pendants, remodelista

Above: Industrial pendants like this galvanized lamp from HK Living and Waldorf Pendant from Schoolhouse Electric ($199) were featured in many District 12 sets.

French apothecary bottles, Remodelista

Above: My grandmother used to transfer rubbing alcohol from the ugly drugstore plastic jug to an antique apothecary bottle like these from The Hope Tree; $49. (Yes, they're French, but I loved the packaging.) You can use bottles like these as vases or to force bulbs.

milk crate and grain sack, Remodelista

Above: Synonymous with farmhouse rustic, wire crates and grain sacks from Tribute 212; $50.

Industrial cart from Factory 20, Remodelista

Above: An industrial cart becomes a coffee table.

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