Fabric Wall Stickers for Little Decorators by

Issue 74 · The Kids Are All Right · May 29, 2013

Fabric Wall Stickers for Little Decorators

Issue 74 · The Kids Are All Right · May 29, 2013

A quick and easy way to add a bit of whimsy to your nursery decor, wall decals and kids go together like, well, PB&J. And it's even better when the stickers are reusable, encouraging your children to develop their own sense of creative expression.

Peridea is an innovative line of fabric wall stickers made in Italy. Woven from durable, phthalate- and PVC-free polyester and printed using energy efficient technologies, these stickers are both safe and good for the earth. But what we really love is how these reusable pieces, featuring fanciful designs by illustrators and graphic designers, can be moved around by your child. As much a plaything as decor, Peridea stickers foster your child's own imagination and artist sensibilities.  

Peridea Fabric Wall Stickers, Hotel Miramare: Remodelista

Above: The latest in Peridea's collection, Hotel Miramare was designed by Friday Project studio of Amsterdam. Contact Peridea for ordering information.

Peridea Fabric Wall Stickers, Hotel Miramare 2: Remodelista

Above: Teaching your child to interact with his or her environment in a conscientious way, Peridea designs are made with vegetable-based inks and are free of harmful chemicals. 

Peridea Fabric Wall Stickers: Remodelista

Above: Designed to be repositioned again and again, Perdiea fabric wall stickers are easy for children to apply. (Note that smaller pieces should be kept away from children under 36 months.)

Peridea Fabric Wall Stickers, Polar Route: Remodelista

Above: Peridea stickers can be placed on walls, furniture, glass, mirrors, or computers. Budding explores may enjoy Polar Route, which is available at Yoox; $127.

Peridea Fabric Wall Stickers, bicycle: Remodelista

Above: Peridea's first collection, Bi Ciclo e Tando, is also available at YOOX for $121.

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