New York's Grandest Cafe by

Issue 37 · Stealth Glamour · September 13, 2012

New York's Grandest Cafe

Issue 37 · Stealth Glamour · September 13, 2012

Old world charm meets traditional Viennese Kaffeehaus at Cafe Sabarsky.

Located within the Neue Galerie, a museum devoted to early twentieth-century German and Austrian art and design on the Upper East Side—and a must-see when in Manhattan, Cafe Sabarsky is a rendition of a fin de siecle Austrian Kaffehaus and is named after it's late founder Serge Sabarsky who declared that, “If the coffee is no good, you may as well forget the museum."

For the record, the coffee is extremely good. For more information, visit Cafe Sabarsky.

Above: The cafe is housed on the ground floor of the 1914 Carrere & Hastings building (the architects also responsible for the Frick and the New York Public Library).

Above L: A reproduction Josef Hoffmann sconce. Above R: Viennese-style coffee.

Above: Visitors seated on Adolf Loos bentwood chairs at marble topped tables. The benches are covered in Otto Wagner designed fabric.

Above: A selection of authentic Viennese cakes and pastries on display.

Above: The elegant staircase at Neue Galerie, renovated by Selldorf Architects.

Above: The 1914 Carrere & Hastings designed building transformed by Selldorf Architects into a museum.

N.B For more, see our previous post on the Neue Galerie Museum Shop.

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