ISSUE 45  |  Materials

Modern Classics from the Hudson Valley

November 05, 2012 8:45 PM

BY Sarah Lonsdale

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Drawing on the heritage of the surrounding Hudson Valley, Rhinebeck-based Sawkille Co. creates a line of handmade furniture they describe as Rural American Design.

We just got word of the latest additions to their line of enduring modern classics. For information on ordering, contact Sawkille Co. directly.

Above: The Rabbit Bench, Sawkille Co's first backed bench, is made from oxidized cherry with a hand-rubbed oil finish; $3,200.

Above: The Senate Chair boasts a generous and comfortable seat. The seat is 18 inches high and can be used as a dining chair or at a desk; $1,800.

Above: The Senate Chair is Sawkille Co's first arm chair.

Above: The Spindle Table is made from oxidized cherry with a hand-rubbed oil finish. The design is an expansion of Sawkille Co's popular three leg stools; it comes in two heights: the High Spindle Table is $3,100 and the Low Spindle Table is $2,400.

Above: The Low Back Rabbit Chair is a new rendition of what has become a signature Sawkille piece. Here it's shown in solid maple with a blue dye treatment for $1,300.

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