Kitchen: Black and White Roundup by

Issue 35 · Marrakesh Color · September 1, 2010

Kitchen: Black and White Roundup

Issue 35 · Marrakesh Color · September 1, 2010

A roundup of inspiring black and white kitchens, near and far.

Above: A kitchen in Denmark, via Indenfor.

Above: A kitchen in Belgium, via MoCo Loco.


Above: Photographer Bill Abranowicz's kitchen in New York, featured in Martha Stewart.


Above: A collection of black and white ceramics in a UK kitchen from the Shoot Factory.


Above: A kitchen in Denmark from Boligmagasinet Hey Home.

Above: A kitchen designed by Lavinia Fici Pasquina, via Metropolitan Home.

Above: A kitchen in Sweden via Emmas Design Blogg.

L1 Luxo Task Lamps at Remodelista

Above: The kitchen of the Hotel du Nord in Denmark; see Steal This Look: Hotel du Nord for recreating the effect.


Above: A kitchen in the UK from the portfolio of interiors stylist Katie Sellers.

Vintage Swing Arm Lamp at Remodelista

Above: A kitchen by designer Stephen Knollenberg.


Above: A brick wall painted black in a kitchen photographed by Hotze Eisma.

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