House Call: Varpunen in Finland by

Issue 15 · Family Storage · April 12, 2010

House Call: Varpunen in Finland

Issue 15 · Family Storage · April 12, 2010

This startlingly creative space is home to Suki of Varpunen, a blog chronicling family life in a studio apartment in Helsinki. Suki sticks to a black and white color scheme, adding dramatic touches like recurring Inca-inspired patterns, oddly appealing painted horse figurines, and a homemade light fixture of acid yellow and orange cloth-cord lights tied in a knot.

Above: Suki decorated her kitchen with triangles of black tape. "My love of Inca patterns led to this. Our kitchen was very basic and boring, but since we're looking for a new flat, I didn't want to do anything radical. This costs almost nothing and is easy to remove."

Above: A melamine cutting board by Anna Pernilla.

Above: A corner of the apartment is devoted to the nursery.

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