ISSUE 102  |  True North

High/Low: Wood-Topped Glass Jars

December 10, 2013 6:00 PM

BY Alexa Hotz

I dream of opening my kitchen pantry to find an organized pattern of dried grains and cereals, each stored in their own Fort Standard wood-topped vessel. But let’s be honest, at $80 each, there are very few grains worthy of such a luxurious container. We like the idea of a high-low jumble: vanilla beans in the sculptural walnut containers, cornmeal in the $20 set.


Above: Fort Standard’s set of three Vessels in American Walnut are intended for storing dried goods in the kitchen or used as containers around the house. Each has a turned hardwood top finished with a cork stopper for a tight seal; $240 for a set from Fort Standard, and also available in White Oak.

Above: A single Fort Standard Short Wood-Top Vessel is $80 from La Garí§onne.


Above: Chabatree Jargala Jars are handmade from mouth-blown glass with sustainable teak wood tops that seal with a rubber ring; available in small, $29, medium, $35, and large, $42–or $106 for the set of three–from Merchant No. 4.

Above: Also from Chabatree, stackable Dimple Jars made from glass and acacia wood in two sizes: $22 for the small, and $24 for the large, at Merchant No. 4.