ISSUE 26  |  Farmhouse Style

Farm Style: Living in a Modern Haystack

June 25, 2012 8:30 AM

BY Christine Chang Hanway

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Leave it to the Dutch to make haystacks glamorous. Architect Arjen Reas devised a clever solution for a family in need of a house on the edge of Zoetermeer, where the city ends and the countryside begins. Cows optional.

Photography via Arjen Reas.

Above: Reas uses traditional thatching construction methods in a modern way. The thatching is sculpted into a classic farmhouse shape, creating a series of well-groomed haystacks.

Above: The bucolic countryside meets the edge of the house.

Above: The front of the facade explores architectural ways of defining edges as the driveway ramps down to the basement garage.

Above: The architect incorporates lime finishes, another traditional material used for the houses in the area.

Above: The reflection of the green fields can be seen in the glass windows.

Above: The open plan of the interior reflects a loft-like urban sensibility.

Above: Strategic lighting illuminates the stairwell and the second-floor hallway.

Above: The exposed beams bring a rustic feel into the master bedroom.

Above: Glazed window openings alternate in between strips of thatching.

Above: An urban form of transportation contrasts with a traditional building material.