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In Bucharest, Doors as Decor

October 08, 2013 1:00 PM

BY Margot Guralnick

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We’ve looked into reclaimed doors as decor before (see 5 Quick Fixes: Repurposed Doors as Decor). Bon, a large, atmospheric bistro in Bucharest, Romania, takes the concept to a new level in its interior, which is completely paneled in old doors. 

Above: The exterior channels classic French restaurant design.

Above: More than 200 salvaged doors (as well as shutters and windows) were used as paneling. The restaurant is the work of Corvin Christian and Vlad Vieru, two Bucharest-based architects who often collaborate, and, not coincidentally, also work as film production designers. “Central Bucharest and Romania in general is going through a craze of demolishing old buildings, unfortunately, ” says Christian. “Our approach is an attempt to keep some memories of the disappearing past.” 

Above L: Doors with glass windows were used to create a temperature-controlled wine room. Above R: The original paint on the doors was largely preserved: “We left most as we found them, while shades of a few were altered to [work with] the discreet three-tone color scheme (white, blue, and red),” says Christian.

Above: Wine is showcased behind old windows and glass-paneled doors. More than 50 wines are served by the glass. 

Above: To delineate sections in the long main room, the floor shifts from parquet to cement tiles. It’s furnished with chairs as varied as its doors.

Above: Glass-paneled doors create privacy screens around some of the tables.

Above: The Orangerie is lined with old louvered doors in tropical shades.

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