A Parisian's Pied-a-Terre in Sofia, Bulgaria by

Issue 93 · Eastern Europe · October 10, 2013

A Parisian's Pied-a-Terre in Sofia, Bulgaria

Issue 93 · Eastern Europe · October 10, 2013

Paris-based designer Clarisse Demory never planned on purchasing a pied-a-terre in Sofia, but after a quick trip to Bulgaria a while back she found herself signing the papers on the way to the airport.

Demory has owned the flat for six years now; she spends her summers renovating the space, waltzing through farmer's markets and enjoying a slower pace of life. When it came to the renovation, her first order of business was breaking down the walls, upgrading the electrical system, and installing new Italian plumbing fixtures. As Demory says, "in a minimalist place like mine, the details are important."

The pied-a-terre of Clarrise Demory in Bulgaria

Above: Demory displays a collection of linens on an antique ladder. Photograph by Mai-Linh.

Antique enamel and flatware on the kitchen counter

Above: A kitchen tableau includes an enamelware pot from a local bazaar, German porcelain dishes from the flea market, and glassware adopted from a friend.

A still life of fresh tomatoes and grapes on the table

Above: An array of local produce and vintage dishes on a marble countertop. Photograph by Maya Lipman via Ensuite.

White porcelain tableware and concord grapes

Above: A still-life display of grapes and glassware. Photograph by Maya Lipman via Ensuite.

A simple wooden day bed near an open window

Above: A simple wooden bed designed by Demory and built by a local craftsman in Sofia.

Light pink walls at a house in Bulgaria

Above: Demory retained the pink lime paint on the walls as an homage to the past, part of what she calls "the ecology of styling."

The apartment's open floor plan merges the kitchen with the laundry room

Above: A view of the flat's open floor plan, ad hoc laundry room included.

Paintings, an antique stool and ladder

Above: During the renovation of the attic space, Demory discovered a small wooden stool, ladder, and antique housewares. "Everything was humble, but for me it was a treasure," says Demory.

An instant utility and laundry room

Above: The impromptu utility room features a tiny closet and a white metal drying rack.

Large bay windows open into the flat in Bulgaria

Above: Demory savors the quiet afternoons in Sofia; "the sunlight arriving through the window enchants me."

N.B.: This post is an update; the original story ran on January 19, 2012 in our European Travels issue. Since we first posted about Demory's house in Bulgaria, we also visited her apartment in Paris, see: Done/Undone with Clarisse Demory.

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