A Danish Duo Takes Bamboo to a New Level by

Issue 4 · Chinese New Year · January 27, 2014

A Danish Duo Takes Bamboo to a New Level

Issue 4 · Chinese New Year · January 27, 2014

Henrik Thygesen and Sebastian Jørgensen are the masterminds behind Danish furniture label We Do Wood. Both have carpentry and design backgrounds and are committed to building sustainable, everyday furniture using bamboo and traditional woodworking techniques. "When we make furniture, it is essential that design, quality, and values go hand in hand," their manifesto states. And why bamboo? Because bamboo is a sustainable, environmentally friendly material, and the world's fastest growing grass—making it both an aesthetic and ethical material of choice ready to be put to sophisticated new uses. 

We Do Wood Scoreboard I Remodelista

Above: The Scoreboard Wardrobe is a hanging rack consisting of a board with holes and 12 colored pegs that can be moved around—"you can use the colors to tag hangers for every family member or to tag single clothing pieces," suggest Thygesen and Jørgensen. It's €156 from Connox. The Komplett Lounge Chair is made from lightweight FSC-certified oak and designed for comfort; €515 from Darwin's Home. 

SJ Bookcase by We Do Wood I Remodelista

Above: An alternative to the traditional bookshelf, the bamboo SJ Bookcase features four differently sized, colored boxes attached to a rack. Also available in black and white, the boxes are adjustable and work well for storing books, objects, or plants; €960 from Connox.  

We Do Wood Dining Table No1 I Remodelista

Above: The Dining Table No. 1 is made of bamboo and characterized by a Scandinavian simplicity. It's available in two sizes (medium and large); pricing starts at €1,340 at Darwin's Home.

We Do Wood Correlation I Remodelista

Above: The bamboo Correlations Bench has a fitted removable lid to provide both seating and storage. It also can work as a side table, and several benches can be connected, as shown here, by fastening hardware; €462 from Connox. 

We Do Wood Dining Chair I Remodelista

Above: The lighweight Dining Chair No. 1 is composed of fitted pieces of FSC-certified oak. It comes in black, blue, and white and is €293 from Darwin's Home. 

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