A Whitewashed Italian Farmhouse with Just a Dash of Color by

Issue 88 · Low-Key Fashion · September 6, 2013

A Whitewashed Italian Farmhouse with Just a Dash of Color

Issue 88 · Low-Key Fashion · September 6, 2013

A2BC Architects merged ancient and modern in their overhaul of a crumbling farmhouse located on the terraced hillside of Cinque Terre in Liguria. They shored up the existing structure, plastered the interiors, replaced the flooring with polished concrete throughout, and added black steel windows to frame the views.

Photographs by Giovanna Silva via A2BC Architects.

A2BC Farmhouse Remodelista Exterior Entry

Above: Steel windows add a note of modernity to the ancient stone buildings.

A2BC Farmhouse Remodelista Kitchen

Above: Polished concrete floors are a cohesive thread throughout the interiors.

A2BC Farmhouse Remodelista Dining Room

Above: A minimalist fireplace adds warmth in the winter months.

A2BC Farmhouse Remodelista Living Room

Above: The only dash of color in the living areas is via a pair of persimmon-upholstered armchairs.

A2BC Farmhouse Remodelista White Bedroom

Above: A pale bedroom with white linens; a sanctuary in the summer months.

A2BC Architects White Bedroom Green Closet Remodelista

Above: Pale green closet doors add the only note of color.

A2BC Farmhouse Remodelista Bedroom

Above: More persimmon, via bed linens.

A2BC Farmhouse Remodelista Bedroom 2

Above: An original stone wall contrasts with the new structural elements.

A2BC Farmhouse Remodelista Exterior

Above: A view of the sloping hillside.

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