A World Traveler at Home in NYC, Surfboard Included by

Issue 59 · L'Amour · February 15, 2013

A World Traveler at Home in NYC, Surfboard Included

Issue 59 · L'Amour · February 15, 2013

Kristin Barone is an inveterate world traveler: Paris, London, Los Angeles, Kampala. So much so that her apartment in New York’s Gramercy Park has become a sort of depository (only in the nicest sense) for the souvenirs she brings home.

Barone, an LA native (it's where she learned to surf), worked as international fashion director at WWD in New York and Europe (where she continues to travel as a creative consultant). Her most important travels, however, have been to Africa, in her role as a volunteer for The Global Support Mission, an NGO which delivers aid in the form of education, food, and medicine to the children and families of Uganda and Kenya. “I've been going to Africa for five years now,” Barone says. “I always think I am going over to help, but in the end I am the one who benefits.”

For more information, see The Global Support Mission and its subsidiary organizations, Know.Think.Act. and Red Earth Trading Company.

Photography by Michael Mundy /An Afternoon With.

Kristin Barone, Helmut Newton, Charlotte Rampling photo, Remodelista

Above: Barone in her brownstone apartment, with one of her favorite images, Helmut Newton's 1974 iconic photograph of a reclining Charlotte Rampling in the nude. Barone quotes Sophia Coppola, "She's (Rampling) so striking and cool, and you can tell she's smart. Who doesn't want to be that?"

Kristin Barone, gray and white striped surfboard, white curtain hides kitchen, metal tolix stools, Philipe Starck Ghost Chairs, Remodelista

Above: Barone's surf board was custom made to match her apartment. "I knew I couldn't hide it away," she says. The hat on the left is from Big Sur, while the Panama hat is from one of Barone's many trips to Rio (she once contemplated moving there).

Kristin Barone, metal Tolix stools, Remodelista

Above: "I love the juxtaposition of metal and wood," Barone says about dining table and her Tolix chairs.

Kristin Barone, military surplus bags, Masai Mara blanket , Remodelista

Above: A convergence of Barone's life from a blanket from the Masai Mara Tribe (L) to her gray and white surf board (R). "Every trip to Uganda, I bring military surplus bags," Barone says. "British Airways allows three duffel bags free of charge for donations to third world countries—so the military surplus bags are the donation bags I buy, fill, and then leave there every trip."

Kristin Barone, gray and white striped surfboard, white curtain hides kitchen, metal tolix stools, Remodelista

Above: To hide the small kitchen, Barone hung West Elm curtains from a curtain rod she created out of plumbing piping from Home Depot, which cost her $14. "It actually cost me more to get it home in the cab," she says.

Kristin Barone, Living Room, white piano, white painted mirror, Remodelista

Above: Barone's one-bedroom apartment means that lots of things take place in the main room—piano playing, TV watching, dining, lounging.

Kristin Barone, Living Room, picture of Kate Moss, painted white mirror frame, vintage medicine bottles Remodelista

Above: Barone creates Maison Martin Margiela-inspired vignettes around her apartment by painting everything white. An ornate framed mirror painted white sits above her collection of vintage medicine bottles.

Kristin Barone, Living Room, white piano, Remodelista

Above: Barone purchased her piano for $200 from a flea market in downtown LA and painted it white. "I played when I was younger," Barone says. "Going to Africa inspires me to practice as the children love to sing."

Kristin Barone, Living Room, crosses on wall, Remodelista

Above: "Since faith and spirituality are very important to me, I collect a cross from every country I visit," Barone says.

Kristin Barone, Living Room, gray curtains, white walls, black and white photos in white frames, Remodelista

Above: Pale gray curtains from West Elm add a note of hushed color to Barone's Maison Martin Margiela-inspired interiors.

Kristin Barone, Living Room, gray curtains, white walls, black and white photos in white frames, Remodelista

Above: The black and white geometric patterns on the pots from Uganda are paired with a black and white photo.

Kristin Barone, Living Room, black chesterfield sofa, black and white images in white frames, Remodelista

Above: Black and white photos and artwork from every place Barone visits sit above a black leather Chesterfield sofa. "I love traveling through countries on a motorcycle," she says. "This is how you really get the smell of a country."

Kristin Barone, gray bedroom with collage on wall, oversized bed with white sheets, Remodelista

Above: "My small bedroom was a designer challenge," Barone says. "I decided to overscale everything from bed to dresser."

Kristin Barone, crystal vase with pink roses, green Jielde lamp, Remodelista

Above: Barone's most recent souvenirs from a recent trip to Iceland, include the green Jielde lamp on her bedside table and a cross, of course.

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