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A Standing Desk with Style

June 08, 2012 1:30 PM

BY Julie Carlson

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Standing desks are on the rise in the tech world (Facebook started using them when employees complained of lethargy), but most are low on the design quotient. Except this one.

Ohio furniture's David Pierce has come to the rescue with the Adler Table, which takes "its cue from machinist tables built at the turn of the century," he says. Made with hand-rubbed gun blue finish steel legs (a process that creates a black/blue patina finish and protects the raw steel against rust), the table can range in height from 27 to 42 inches, making it easy to change positions throughout the day. For more information, go to Ohio Design.

Above: According to the WSJ, workers at Facebook and Google were motivated to switch to standing desks by "medical reports saying that sitting for too long leads to increased health risks."

Above: The Adler table can be easily adjusted to a sitting position.

Above: The crank is made from solid steel gears and a chromed, cast iron handle.

Above: The table top is available in a variety of woods, including walnut, oak, and maple.