ISSUE 71  |  The Modern Kitchen

A Storage System for the Whole Home

May 07, 2013 5:30 PM

BY Sarah Lonsdale

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Seattle-based Henrybuilt, maker of custom kitchens, is the creator of the first American kitchen “system.” Its combination of finely crafted design with well-designed components (integrated functionality with a clean, modern look) have made the brand a covetable kitchen line. Their latest iteration? The Opencase Storage System that accommodates a multitude of domestic needs beyond the kitchen from pantry, den, to the hall.

Combining system and craft, Henrybuilt has raised the bar on storage solutions. Pricing ranges from $2500 for some single panel configurations to $5000 for panels requiring a number of more complex components. For more on the newly launched line, visit Henrybuilt.

Above: An Opencase pantry configuration. The custom wall-mounted panels in the Opencase system run as large as 8 feet tall by 4 feet wide and come in a selection of woods including walnut, oak, ash, and teak.

Above: Shown here are storage boxes in a pantry that can double as shelving. Note the finely rounded corners of the lid. The rod and panel design allows the system to be both highly specialized in its function and interchangeable.

Above: An Opencase mudroom system. A collection of specialized accessories are available, including shelves, bins, hanging rods, and cloth bags that hang on the rods, allowing them to be easily reconfigured.

Above: An Opencase wardrobe system with removable laundry bags suspended from rods.

Above: Storage bags hanging from rods.

Above: A detail of the shelving. The base of each rod remains fixed within the panel, while the rods can be unscrewed and moved to create different configurations.

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