5 Favorites: 2014 Wall Calendars by

Issue 1 · New Beginnings · January 6, 2014

5 Favorites: 2014 Wall Calendars

Issue 1 · New Beginnings · January 6, 2014

 What better way to start the New Year than with a fresh-looking calendar? Although designed to organize time, the wall calendar in our household has become a way for my husband and me to dialogue. And though we both also keep digital calendars, we rely on our wall calendar as a crucial in-full-view reminder of our daily events, commitments, and aspirations.

Wall Calendar of 2014 via Etsy I Remodelista

Above: Our family calendar of choice, the simple 12 Month Wall Calendar, handmade of recycled card stock by Red Star Ink; $25 via the San Diego graphic design studio's Etsy shop. 

Postalco One Year Wall Calendar I Remodelista
Above: The Postalco One-Year Wall Calendar measures 18 by 22 inches and puts all 365 days in sight; $30 from the General Store.

Ring Calendar by Sebastian Bergne I Remodelista

Above: The Ring Calendar, designed by  Sebastian Bergne for L'Atelier d'Exercises, is a universal date-marking system: turn the wheel to arrive at the day, date, and month; £42 from Buy Sebastian Bergne.

Ige Design Two Thousand Fourteen Calendar I Remodelista

Above: The Two Thousand Fourteen Calendar by Ige Design is printed on cotton cloth and comes with five tacks: four for hanging and one to mark the date; $28 from Ige Design. 

Wall Calendar by Amy Marcella via Etsy I Remodelista

Above: A 2014 Wall Calendar featuring black water colors by Amy Marcella via her Etsy shop is currently on sale for $20. It has 12 original illustrations of botanicals and geometric patterns. 

Snug Calendar I Remodelista  

Above: Snug Studio's Graphical Wall Calendar comes in black type against a white or soft pink background; $20.80 via the German studio's Etsy shop. 

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