24 Built-In Bunk Beds for Summer Sleepovers by

Issue 27 · Summer Rentals · July 9, 2014

24 Built-In Bunk Beds for Summer Sleepovers

Issue 27 · Summer Rentals · July 9, 2014

For children, a built-in bunk bed is not just a place to sleep—it's a hideaway from adults and a nook to share with a sibling or friend. An ideal addition to a family summer house, the built-in bunk is also a space saver. For practical types and dreamers alike, here are 24 memorable examples.

Summerhouse in Denmark by JVA Architects | Remodelista

Above: Bunks in a Danish summer house designed by JVA Architects via Archdaily.

Jenn Cranston Summerhouse Bunk Beds | Remodelista

Above: Bunk beds are slotted into a hall in the small summer house of stylist Jenn Cranston, featured on House and Home Canada via The Style Files.

Pushelberg and Yabu Beachouse in Hamptons | Remodelista

Above: Striped linens on a tidy quartet of bunk beds in the Hamptons summer house of Glenn Pushelberg and George Yabu. Photograph by Eric Striffler for the New York Times.

Built-in Bunk Beds in a Palm Beach Cottage | Remodelista

Above: Bunk with built-in storage in a Palm Beach cottage featured on Home Life.

Best Professional Children's Space, Wettling Architects, Remodelista Considered Design Awards

Above: Built-in bunk beds in a Shelter Island summer house designed by Wettling Architects. The room was the winner of the Best Professional Children's Space in last year's Remodelista Considered Design Awards. (Stay tuned to cast your vote later this month for the 2014 Considered Design Awards.)

Rope Ladder Bunkroom | Remodelista

Above: Rope ladders lead to bunks facing one another in a beach house designed by McAlpine Tankersley. Learn where to source the ladders in our recent Design Sleuth: Nautical Rope Bunk Bed Ladder.

Sullivan & Schollum Auckland, New Zealand House | Remodelista

Above: Wooden bunks in the Auckland, New Zealand, house of architect Michael O'Sullivan and his partner, Melissa Schollum. Photograph by Patrick Reynolds for Dwell Magazine.

Bunk Beds in the Denmark Home of Designer Anita Kaushal | Remodelista

Above: Bunk beds with built-in shelves in the London home of Anita Kaushal, designer and author of The Family at Home.

Built-in Bunk Bed for Three | Remodelista

Above: Platform beds and slatted bunk from our post 10 Favorites: Creative Beds for Children.

White Built-In Bunk Beds from Lonny Magazine | Remodelista

Above: A wall of built-in bunk beds in a bedroom designed by Lisa Sherry via Lonny Magazine.

Justine Hugh Jones in Sydney, Australia Bunk Beds | Remodelista

Above: Four bunk beds in a tight space in the home of designer Justine-Hugh Jones, in Sydney, Australia.

Orrick & Company Designed Built-In Bunk Beds | Remodelista

Above: A twin and queen bunk bed, a combo that works well for growing teens; design by Orrick & Company of Greenwich, CT.

M. Elle Bedroom Featured in Elle Decor | Remodelista

Above: Curtained bunk beds by M. Elle Design; photographed for Elle Decor.

Corner Bunks in Florida at Alys | Remodelista

Above: Corner bunks at Alys Beach in Florida.

Loft Apartment by Ruetemple Architects in Moscow | Remodelista

Above: Dramatic built-in bunk beds in a Moscow loft designed by Ruetemple Architects; photograph via Archdaily.

Bunk Beds in an Oregon Summerhouse by Jessica Helgerson | Remodelista

Above: Bunk beds in a 540-square-foot Oregon cottage owned by designer Jessica Helgerson, from our post A Scandinavian Cottage in Portlandia.

White Wood Built-In Bunk Beds via Scandinavian Retreat | Remodelista

Above: All-white wooden bunk beds in a cottage featured on My Scandinavian Retreat.

Coastal Retreat from Nordic Design Blog | Remodelista

Above: Bunk beds in a coastal house designed by Shareen Joel of Share Design (via Nordic Design).

Four White Bunk Beds from Marie Claire Maison | Remodelista

Above: Four bunk beds in a bedroom featured on Marie Claire Maison. (If you like the painted paddle, see Trend Alert: 11 Rooms with Oars as Decor.)

Pirate Decal Bunk Bed in Blue | Remodelista

Above: A bunk bed box built into the wall. Photograph from our post 10 Favorites: Creative Beds for Children.

Bunk Beds at the Atlantic in Morocco | Remodelista

Above: Bunk beds with steps at the Atlantic Residence, a rental in Essaouira, Morocco, via The Modern House. (See another Modern House rental in our recent post A Modern Houseboat in Berlin.)

Bunk Beds at Chateau Bethlehem | Remodelista

Above: Salvaged-wood bunk beds by Dutch designer Piet Hein Eek in a bedroom at the Château Bethlehem, in Maastricht.

Susan Greenleaf San Francisco Home Bunk Beds | Remodelista

Above: Bunks with a rope ladder in the San Francisco home of interior designer Susan Greenleaf via Lonny Magazine.

Berge Bunk Beds by Nils Holger Moorman | Remodelista

Above: A rustic streamlined built-in bunk at the Berge inn in Aschau, in southern Germany, from our post Berge by Nils Holger Moorman.

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