ISSUE 76  |  Nautical Notes

10 Favorites: Porthole Windows

June 13, 2013 1:30 PM

BY Christine Chang Hanway

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On a boat, the porthole window is about being water- and weather-tight. On dry land, it’s about being on the boat. Here are 10 favorites: 

Above: At sea, the function of a porthole, when open, is to allow light and fresh air to enter the dark and often damp below-deck quarters. The high position of this porthole window in a garden shed offers a glimpse of light and fresh air in a similar way. To see more of this garden shed, see House Call: Lorn Road Summerhouse in London.

Above: In her summer cabin located on a small island in the Swedish archipelago, Carouschka Streijiffert has a bohemian take on nautical interiors. Photo by Martin Lof; see the project at House Call: Swedish Cabin.


Above: A white tiled window niche; photograph by Max Kim-Bee.

 Above: A porthole window in a subtly nautical stairwell; see DIY: Stair Rope Banisters.

Above: Carouschka Streijiffert’s living room has a frameless porthole window. Photo by Martin Lof; see the project at House Call: Swedish Cabin.  

Above: Porthole windows in the bath allow light in while providing privacy (L image via Emmas Design Blogg, R image via House Beautiful).

Above: A round window in the home of Kirsty Davey and family in Australia; photo by Brooke Holm for The Design Files.

Above: A large modern porthole window pivots on axis; photo by Debi Treloar for The Natural Home by Hans Blomquist. 

Above: Porthole windows work well in showers; Image via One Kind Design

Above: An over-scaled porthole window negates the need for any art on the walls. Image via Den of Opulence.

Above L: Porthole windows with metal frames lend an industrial submarine like character to the doors. Photo by Henri Del Olmo via Côte Maison. Above R: A round window is fitting for a door by the beach in Cape Town. Photo by Frank Features via Tant Johanna.

We’ve said it before—windows play a large part in determining the character of a space. See Windows in our Gallery of rooms and spaces to see 1,192 window options.