10 Favorites: Porthole Windows by

Issue 76 · Nautical Notes · June 13, 2013

10 Favorites: Porthole Windows

Issue 76 · Nautical Notes · June 13, 2013

On a boat, the porthole window is about being water- and weather-tight. On dry land, it's about being on the boat. Here are 10 favorites: 

Porthole window in Twig Hutchinson garden shed, Remodelista

Above: At sea, the function of a porthole, when open, is to allow light and fresh air to enter the dark and often damp below-deck quarters. The high position of this porthole window in a garden shed offers a glimpse of light and fresh air in a similar way. To see more of this garden shed, see House Call: Lorn Road Summerhouse in London.

Above: In her summer cabin located on a small island in the Swedish archipelago, Carouschka Streijiffert has a bohemian take on nautical interiors. Photo by Martin Lof; see the project at House Call: Swedish Cabin.


port hold window max kim-bee

Above: A white tiled window niche; photograph by Max Kim-Bee.

rope banister round window

 Above: A porthole window in a subtly nautical stairwell; see DIY: Stair Rope Banisters.

Modern porthole window in Carouschka Streijiffert cabin on island in Stockholm archipelago, Remodelista

Above: Carouschka Streijiffert's living room has a frameless porthole window. Photo by Martin Lof; see the project at House Call: Swedish Cabin.  


Above: Porthole windows in the bath allow light in while providing privacy (L image via Emmas Design Blogg, R image via House Beautiful).

round window australia

Above: A round window in the home of Kirsty Davey and family in Australia; photo by Brooke Holm for The Design Files.

Large pivot porthole window, Remodelista

Above: A large modern porthole window pivots on axis; photo by Debi Treloar for The Natural Home by Hans Blomquist. 

porthole shower yucatan

Above: Porthole windows work well in showers; Image via One Kind Design

Large porthole window, Remodelista

Above: An over-scaled porthole window negates the need for any art on the walls. Image via Den of Opulence.

Metal rimmed industrial porthole windows in gray doors, Porthole window in Cape Town entry door, Remodelista  

Above L: Porthole windows with metal frames lend an industrial submarine like character to the doors. Photo by Henri Del Olmo via Côte Maison. Above R: A round window is fitting for a door by the beach in Cape Town. Photo by Frank Features via Tant Johanna.

We've said it before—windows play a large part in determining the character of a space. See Windows in our Gallery of rooms and spaces to see 1,192 window options. 


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