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10 Easy Pieces: Basic Drinking Glasses

February 25, 2015 12:00 PM

BY Janet Hall

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An essential for any kitchen: well-proportioned basic drinking glasses. Here’s what we’ve got on our shelves.

Above: Francesca is a fan of the Jasper Morrison Glass Family Set for Alessi. Available in each of the three sizes at All Modern, it’s $36 for a set of four.

Above: Janet swears by Orskov Glassware from Denmark. Made of heat-proof borosilicate, the glasses are available in five sizes, ranging from Mini ($30 for a set of six) to XXLarge ($56 for a set of six) from A+R Store in Los Angeles.

Above: Meredith is the proud owner of a set of gray Iittala Kartio tumblers, a classic by Finnish designer Kaj Franck. The glasses are available in two sizes: the 7-Ounce Kartio Tumbler is $22 for a set of two and the 13-Ounce Kartio Tumbler is $27.99 for a set of two from Amazon. Available in clear, gray, apple green, sea blue, and light blue. Read about the companion Teema Tableware by Franck in Object Lessons.

Above: Julie and Sarah both sip from the Oaxacan-style Dosa Tumbler, imported from Mexico by designer Christina Kim; $4.25 each from OK.

Above: A new addition to our wish lists: Japanese Drinking Glasses made of soda-lime glass by Sasaki, a Japanese glassware company in business since 1876. They come in two sizes: a set of six 7.4-ounce Japanese drinking glasses is $28, and a set of six 11.3-ounce glasses is $34 from Kaufmann Mercantile. 



Above: When crowds descend, we like the stacking Vaken Glasses from Ikea; a set of four is $4.99.

Above: From iconic French company Duralex, the tempered Chopes Unie Glass is $31 for a set of six from Heath Ceramics. The glasses are also available for $7 NZD ($5.28 US) each from Father Rabbit in New Zealand.

Above: Justine is a longtime fan of the Spanish wine glass. West Elm is now carrying Bodega Glassware from Bormioli Rocco in Spain, made of tempered glass and currently marked down. Sold by the dozen (L to R): Modern Red Wine Glasses are $14 for a set of 12 (down from $18), Highball Glasses are $24 for 12 (down from $30), and Double Old-Fashioned Glasses are $28 for 12 (down from $36). 

Above: A recent entry to the scene from the Williams-Sonoma Open Kitchen collection, Kitchen Tumblers, made in Portugal of soda lime glass, are $24 for a set of six Short Tumblers and $30 for a set of Tall Tumblers.

Above: The micro-thin Marta Barware line from CB2 is well priced and appealing; prices start at $1.50 for the Marta Juice Glass.

Looking for more basic wares for everyday use? See our Entertaining Essentials and Everyday Stainless Steel Flatware roundups.

N.B.: This post is an update. It originally ran on July 27, 2011, as part of our Montauk Mod issue.

ISSUE 30  |  Color in the Kitchen

10 Easy Pieces: Basic Drinking Glasses

July 23, 2008 10:19 AM

BY Sarah Lonsdale

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As we head into the final throes of summer, we've rounded up a selection of basic drinking glasses.

Below: Iittala's Kartio tumbler, a classic by Finnish designer Kaj Franck, is available in two sizes: the 7-ounce Kartio Tumbler is $20 a pair and the 13-ounce Kartio Tumbler is $26 a pair at ZincDetails. Available in clear or light blue.

[[{“fid”:”42143″,”type”:”media”,”view_mode”:”media_large”,”attributes”:{“alt”:”Kartio Tumbler at Remodelista”,”class”:”media-image”,”wysiwyg”:1,”style”:””}}]]

Below: Jasper Morrison Glass Family Set for Alessi; starts at $8 for the water glass at Unica Home.

[[{“fid”:”42135″,”type”:”media”,”view_mode”:”media_large”,”attributes”:{“alt”:”Jasper Morrison Glass Family Set at Remodelista”,”class”:”media-image”,”wysiwyg”:1,”style”:””,”height”:”246″,”width”:”499″}}]]

Below: Vaken glass from Ikea, pack of four for $3.99.

[[{“fid”:”60785″,”type”:”media”,”view_mode”:”media_large”,”attributes”:{“alt”:”Vaken glass at Remodelista”,”class”:”media-image”,”wysiwyg”:1,”style”:””,”height”:”214″,”width”:”408″}}]]

Below: Set of four Cyan Tumblers made from recycled wine bottles; $42 at Heath Ceramics.

[[{“fid”:”74271″,”type”:”media”,”view_mode”:”media_large”,”attributes”:{“alt”:”Cyan Tumblers at Remodelista”,”class”:”media-image”,”wysiwyg”:1,”style”:””}}]]

Below: Handblown ultra-thin Beaker Glasses from CB2; small is $1.95, large is $3.95.

[[{“fid”:”74273″,”type”:”media”,”view_mode”:”media_large”,”attributes”:{“alt”:”Handblown ultra-thin Beaker Glasses at Remodelista”,”class”:”media-image”,”wysiwyg”:1,”style”:””,”height”:”280″,”width”:”360″}}]]

Below: PB Classic Barware Made in the Netherlands from soda-lime glass. Set of six for $21 from Pottery Barn.

[[{“fid”:”56057″,”type”:”media”,”view_mode”:”media_large”,”attributes”:{“alt”:”PB Classic Barware at Remodelista”,”class”:”media-image”,”wysiwyg”:1,”style”:””}}]]

Below: Gio clear glass tumbler, small size is $4, large size is $4.50 from Conran.

[[{“fid”:”74275″,”type”:”media”,”view_mode”:”media_large”,”attributes”:{“alt”:”Gio clear glass tumbler at Remodelista”,”class”:”media-image”,”wysiwyg”:1,”style”:””,”height”:”271″,”width”:”289″}}]]

Below: Henry Dean drinking glasses from the Gardener; $6 each.

[[{“fid”:”74277″,”type”:”media”,”view_mode”:”media_large”,”attributes”:{“alt”:”Henry Dean drinking glasses at Remodelista”,”class”:”media-image”,”wysiwyg”:1,”style”:””}}]]

Below: Glass Tumblers; set of six small for $35 or six large for $45 at Design Within Reach.

[[{“fid”:”74279″,”type”:”media”,”view_mode”:”media_large”,”attributes”:{“alt”:”Glass Tumblers at Remodelista”,”class”:”media-image”,”wysiwyg”:1,”style”:””}}]]

Below: Martha Stewart for Macy's Hadley All-Purpose Glasses; $19.99 for a set of four (large size); $15.99 for a set of four (small size).

[[{“fid”:”74281″,”type”:”media”,”view_mode”:”media_large”,”attributes”:{“alt”:”Macy\u0027s Hadley All-Purpose Glasses at Remodelista”,”class”:”media-image”,”wysiwyg”:1,”style”:””}}]]

Below: Zac glasses from Crate and Barrel, $2.95 each (for both the small and the large size).

[[{“fid”:”74283″,”type”:”media”,”view_mode”:”media_large”,”attributes”:{“alt”:”Zac glasses at Remodelista”,”class”:”media-image”,”wysiwyg”:1,”style”:””,”height”:”323″,”width”:”174″}}]][[{“fid”:”74285″,”type”:”media”,”view_mode”:”media_large”,”attributes”:{“alt”:”Zac glasses at Remodelista”,”class”:”media-image”,”wysiwyg”:1,”style”:””,”height”:”195″,”width”:”162″}}]]

Below: For our UK readers, we like the Handblown Glasses made from recycled glass from Toast. "Slightly–pleasingly–irregular. Nice, greenish, wavy, clear glass." £9.50 to £15.50 depending on size.

[[{“fid”:”74287″,”type”:”media”,”view_mode”:”media_large”,”attributes”:{“alt”:”Handblown Glasses at Remodelista”,”class”:”media-image”,”wysiwyg”:1,”style”:””}}]]

Below: The Odeon Tumbler is made in Dibbern, Baveria; available in three sizes and in a choice of colors from Rose & Radish. Small is $12, medium is $13, and large is $14.

[[{“fid”:”74289″,”type”:”media”,”view_mode”:”media_large”,”attributes”:{“alt”:”Odeon Tumbler at Remodelista”,”class”:”media-image”,”wysiwyg”:1,”style”:””}}]]

Below: At a whopping $51 per glass, these are an extravagance, but we love the design of the t.e. water glass by Dutch-born Aldo Bakker. The mouthblown glass is made from borosilicate (the material used for test tubes and beakers). Available from Rose and Radish.

[[{“fid”:”74291″,”type”:”media”,”view_mode”:”media_large”,”attributes”:{“alt”:”Thomas Eyck Water Glasses at Remodelista”,”class”:”media-image”,”wysiwyg”:1,”style”:””,”height”:”335″,”width”:”270″}}]]