10 Easy Pieces: Basic Drinking Glasses by

Issue 30 · Montauk Mod · July 27, 2011

10 Easy Pieces: Basic Drinking Glasses

Issue 30 · Montauk Mod · July 27, 2011

An essential for any kitchen: well-proportioned basic drinking glasses for family meals, entertaining, casual wine tumblers and more. Here are our latest favorites:

Remodelista 10 Easy Pieces Jasper Morris Glassware

Above: Jasper Morrison Glass Family Set for Alessi; prices start at $9 for the water glass at Unica Home.

Above: Iittala's Kartio tumbler, a classic by Finnish designer Kaj Franck, is available in two sizes: the 7-Ounce Kartio Tumbler is $10 and the 13-Ounce Kartio Tumbler is $13 at Unica Home. Available in clear, gray, or several shades of blue.

Remodelista Basic Drinking Glasses Picardie

Above: A French classic, well suited for drinks from wine to water, the Picardie Glass from DWR. Highly durable, the glasses come in a set of six for $21.95 (for both the large and the small size).

Remodelista Basic Drinking Glasses Vaken

Above: The Vaken Glasses from Ikea; a pack of four is $4.99.

Remodelista 10 Easy PIeces Basic Drinking Glasses Heath

Above: Heath Ceramics recently came out with a line of simple table glasses, handblown in West Virginia. We especially like the Heath Straight Side Glasses (tapered glasses also offered); $24, $26, and $28 for sets of two in short, medium, and large sizes.

Remodelista 10 Easy Pieces West Elm Market Rimmed Glassware

Above: West Elm Market's Rimmed Glasses are practical for everyday use but have a distinct white band for a bit edge; $12.00 for set of four double old fashioned glasses; $19.00 for set of four highball glasses.

Remodelista 10 Easy Pieces Basic Drinking Glasses Gio Tumbler

Above: Made in Poland, the delicate but resilient Gio Clear Glass Tumbler is available in a set of six for $21 at the Conran Shop.

Remodelista Basic Drinking Glasses Ikea Diod

Above: The basic Diod from Ikea is a great staple that is comfortable to hold; $1.99.

Remodelista basic drinking glasses dosa tumbler

Above: Dosa Tumbler from designer Christina Kim; $4.25 each from OK.

Remodelista Basic Drinking Glasses BottleHood Short Glasses

Above: The BottleHood Short Glass (11 ounces) is made in San Diego from recycled wine bottles; $19 for a set of two at Heath Ceramics; also available in a 16-ounce size.

Remodelista Simple Drinking Glasses Duralex Tumblers

Above: Made in France, the Gigogne Glass by Duralex is available in two sizes (7.5 or 5.75 ounces); $25 for a set of six at Brook Farm General Store.

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