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Brand: Kreisdesign

Peg-it-all : Wall-mounted Storage Panel

Retailer: Kreisdesign Designer: Kreisdesign
£180.00 GBP at time of publication Buy from Kreisdesign Available Colors:

Description from Kreisdesign

Pegboards have long been a favourite practical storage solution for studios and workspaces. We have updated the concept with the Peg-it-all pegboards that are made from heavy-duty Birch Plywood and feature sturdy holes and pegs along with a range of new accessories.

The new Peg-it-all range includes shelves and pegs of different types all of which slot into the main board giving an endless range of storage options.  Suitable for the kitchen, study, children’s room or hallway, the new Peg-it-all can be cut to size to fit any awkward space such as a kitchen splashback or under the stairs. Please contact the website directly for custom sizes.

There are 4 options for accessories to choose from (please use the drop-down menu below):

Option A £180:

  • 12 x natural pegs with round heads

Option B £190:

  • 1 x small shelf 12cm x 24cm
  • 1 x large shelf 12cm x 30cm
  • 6 x pegs with round heads
  • 4 x straight pegs

Option C £195:

  • 2 x small shelves 12cm x 24cm
  • 2 x large shelves 12cm x 30cm
  • 6 x straight pegs
£180.00 GBP at time of publication Buy from Kreisdesign Available Colors:
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