peau d’agneau mimosa poil court : t1 (<75 cm) 9

Peau d’Agneau Mimosa Poil Court : T1 (<75 cm)

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Lambskin Mimosa will promote sleep and relaxation for your baby. By sleeping a few days with the new lambskin, it will soak up your scent and then allow when the baby sleeps there, that your scent helps it calm down and calm down.

Lambskin can be used in the pram, stroller, car seat, in bed or as a play mat. You can take him everywhere … He will appreciate the softness of the contact with the skin, which will help him to become aware of his body. Lambskin has excellent thermoregulatory power, it keeps warm in winter and absorbs heat in summer.

Lambskin is healthy for your baby. It has not undergone any treatment with chromium, chlorine or other polluting chemicals.

Mimosa Tanning: The “Mimosa” tanning is the most natural. It is a vegetable tanning. It is made from acacia bark extract found in Africa, South America and Australia. During tanning, the lambskin is not colored, it keeps its natural pigmentation. Slightly pinkish spots may appear, linked to the natural process of this tanning.

This tanning, unlike Relugan tanning, does not allow the skin to be immersed in water and therefore to be washed

  • Short-haired skin (the hairs have been cut. They are approximately 1 to 3 cm).
  • Comes in a kraft bag. The length and color may vary depending on the animal and the length of the coat (short coat).
  • Each lambskin is unique, so the softness can vary from skin to skin.
  • Made in Germany.
$7.90 USD at time of publication Buy from Bebe-au-naturel
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