British Vogue

The Secret Address Book

December 2011

“This sexy interiors website is part magazine, part sourcebook, with the best style details, plus shoots in real people’s houses. It’s addictive, partly because it is so forensic about all the detail you really need, and then you can click and buy if you feel the urge. The scoop on everything from trestle desks to loo roll holders.”

Elle Magazine

One Month Home Makeover

January, 2010

“Successful interiors tend to be the product of Slow Decorating, the constant, pleasant process of bringing together art, furniture, colors, and fabrics you truly love over time. But when one’s home is an out-of-sync-with-self wreck, fast action is necessary. In our January edition we turned to the women behind the reliably tasteful site—Julie Carlson, Francesca Connolly, Sarah Lonsdale, and Janet Hall—to give us their checklist for a one-month dwelling transformation.” Read More.

Best Websites: Home

November 12, 2009

“Remodelista is run by four friends with a clean, modern taste in design, offering tips on remodeling your home and scouring the market for tasteful items.” Read More.


GOOP – Favorite Websites

November 5, 2009

“My obsession, Remodelista, is four design bloggers’ bi-coastal collaboration….They have impeccable taste and provide all the tips on everything from furniture to faucets down to light fixtures and paint colors.” Read More.

InStyle Magazine

Best of the Web — Blogs and Inspiration

November, 2009

“ — Enjoy daily posts, a guide to architecture and hip resources, plus easy links to shop its savvy picks.”

New York Times

Miss Your Décor Magazine? Click Here

October, 2009

“, a home design blog know for dissecting the components of stylish rooms, has been redesigned as a Web site with tools to help renovators and amateur decorators outfit a home. The reconfigured site allows readers to browse products by category, create clip files, e-mail items to friends and buy appliances, hardware, lighting, and furniture. Read More.

Fast Company

Design Scorecard: Who’s Winning and Losing the Recession?

Friday, August 14, 2009

“Winner: Design blogs. The lust for design porn didn’t disappear; it just migrated to design blogs such as Apartment Therapy, Materialicious, and Remodelista (above) where houses, rooms, and furnishings are shown in a more personable, less institutional tone than magazines.” Read More.

Real Simple

Insider’s Guide to Home Decor Websites

August, 2009

“Created by a group of design-loving pals, this blog has a feature called ’10 Easy Pieces,’ a wonderfully edited roundup of items, like coat racks and pendant lamps.” Read More.

San Francisco Chronicle

Give Your Home Interiors a Personal Touch

Sunday, July 7, 2009

“Based on Julie Carlson’s experiences with decorating, designing and remodeling – plus a consultation with one of her favorite aesthetic authorities, Jerome Buttrick of Buttrick Wong Architects – here is a short list of design dicta to give your home interiors a more personal touch.” Read More.

San Francisco Chronicle

Decor Blogs Click with Design Fans

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

“As home design magazines founder in a flagging economy, design buffs and remodelers are turning to the Web for inspiration. But Web sites vying for that pot of gold have discovered it’s not enough to bombard viewers with eye candy. So smart new sites are luring visitors the same way traditional magazines do – with targeted content. ‘A strong stylistic point of view rather than something for everyone is important,’ says design blogger Julie Carlson of Remodelista.” Read More.


Cutting Edge Cool

November, 2008

“Remodelista editors offer firsthand reno know-how that comes from giving their own homes total overhauls. They post on anything from architecture to doorknobs, always with impeccable discernment.”

Sadly, Domino is no longer published nor online.

Martha Stewart

Best of the Blogs: Editor’s Picks

September, 2008

“Remodelista is a one-stop resource for modern, livable interiors. Design enthusiasts can take in a finely edited assortment of products sourced from the web and from shops around the globe.” — Eric Pike, Creative Director, The Martha Stewart Show

SF 7×7 Magazine

Style Watch

June, 2008

“Julie Carlson, 47, founder and editor of the new design blog Remodelista, has a great eye for urbane design (we especially liked her March 17 post on what she calls “the perfect domicile”: a charming London townhouse with cushy George Sherlock sofas, a modernist kitchen and, of course, creative clutter).” Read MoreWatch the Video.

Home Magazine

The Organized Home

June, 2008

“Julie Carlson has a confession: ‘I’m a bit obsessed with details.’ This trait proved invaluable when she and her husband, Josh Groves, remodeled their 1970 post-and-beam ranch fixer-upper in Mill Valley, California, nine years ago. Their problem: to modernize and open up the dark, fragmented space and create enough storage for their family, which includes children Will, 12, and Darcy, 10, without exceeding the 1,850 square feet allowed by local zoning laws.” Read MoreSee the Photos.

Dwell Magazine

Dwell Home Blog

May, 2008

“Remodelista, our number one blog crush, turned its discerning eye on doorbells. With their unerring eye, the ladies at Remodelista picked bathroom sconces.”

Sunset Magazine

Lounge Lust

Friday, May 23, 2008

“This kind of high/low alternative exploration is a wonderful feature of one of my favorite design sites, Remodelista, created by a quattro of women with terrific eyes for design. They’re great at showing you the most out of your price range cooktop, bed, lamp, or chair but then they make you feel better by finding a reasonable facsimile from a store like CB2 or West Elm. Check it out.” Read More.

Elle Decor

Site Inspection January, 2008 “ takes a decidedly lighter tone. The product-centric blog is a sophisticated gateway to locating high-end and hard-to-find items, from a nautical lantern for your living room to a reproduction 1904 Josef Hoffman hand-forged nickel-plated hook for the mudroom.”